Her Middle Name is Grace Yet She is Not So Graceful


Juliana bounces between being a girly girl and a wild, running child. She wears a dress or skirt almost everyday (she only has a few pair of pants and shorts). Although she would prefer to wear fancy shoes or flip flops along with those dresses, we insist that she wear tennis shoes because she is . . . → Read More: Her Middle Name is Grace Yet She is Not So Graceful

A Trip to the Dentist

I took the boys the the dentist for their first visit this past Friday. I had a lot of questions asking why we took them since they are only two and most dentists recommend three for the first visit. I asked our dentist when Juliana was a toddler he told us the same thing, . . . → Read More: A Trip to the Dentist

First In First Out


There are so many milestones in those first 2 years – first smile, laugh, rolling over, sitting up…and those first teeth.  Juliana’s bottom two teeth made their appearance in May 2006 when she was 7 months old. 

Once walking and talking are regular activities, the major milestones drop off for a while.  Now a few weeks . . . → Read More: First In First Out

The Dentist

I hate going to the dentist.  Not in the normal way that people just don’t like going, it’s bigger than that.  I had a bad experience as a child.  And now on the days leading up to a dental check-up I feel sick and dread every moment that takes me closer to that . . . → Read More: The Dentist