Where Do You Go to See a Unicorn?

When Scott suggested that we go to the Renaissance Festival, I wasn’t sure that the kids would enjoy it. Then we found out that last weekend was Military weekend and we all got in for the cost of one adult, so at least it was a low investment. Last Sunday was a beautiful day . . . → Read More: Where Do You Go to See a Unicorn?

Saturday in Pictures


Mother’s Day was a quiet day spent at home. It was raining so the kids spent the day in their pjs. We really needed a day at home after several weekends where we were constantly on the go. Yesterday started with haircuts for all 3 kids followed by playtime at home and naps for the . . . → Read More: Saturday in Pictures

The Flying Princess


It was so beautiful yesterday that we had no other choice than to pick up the boys early and head to the park. As we ran out the door, I didn’t even notice the crown.

. . . → Read More: The Flying Princess

Halloween 2011 – Superheroes


I decided on the superhero theme several months agoand I expected Juliana to veto the idea. She told me that she wanted to be a super model and I said how about a superhero instead. She thought about it and asked if she would get to wear a dress and then agreed. I wanted . . . → Read More: Halloween 2011 – Superheroes

Almost Perfect


If Juliana isn’t talking then she is usually singing. Bits of music she hears on the radio in the car or on the bus – usually a few words match the song and the rest are made up (some of the musical combinations are very funny). One song that she comes back to on . . . → Read More: Almost Perfect

Crowns, High Heels and Pretty Hair


The boys will happily play with anything that she leaves out, that includes all sorts of princess stuff.  Sometimes Juliana “helps” them accessorize and other times they do it on their own.  Wyatt currently loves wearing a hat and found the Belle crown to be irresistible.

Usually the boys get very upset if . . . → Read More: Crowns, High Heels and Pretty Hair

My Little Fashionista


In January we found out that we had secured a lottery spot in the Charter school we picked out for Juliana.  We started to slowly talk about the new school with Juliana.  At first she was very sad about leaving her current school and her friends and her teachers.  She is very nervous about going . . . → Read More: My Little Fashionista

Random Juliana


Most mornings when I go into her room she doesn’t move.  I talk to her, turn on the light, nothing.  I pull the blanket away from her and I am usually met with a whispered phrase with her eyes still closed – 5 more minutes mommy – and she pulls the blanket back up . . . → Read More: Random Juliana

Happy Halloween


A Ring Master, a lion and a tiger.  The Ring Master had a great time – she has several years of experience now.  She lasted a little over an hour with one of her friends.  We only took Ruslan and Wyatt on our block for about half an hour.

Ruslan thought trick . . . → Read More: Happy Halloween

Flower Girls – 1977 and 2010


Don’t I look like the sweetest child on earth compared to diva girl?

For reference, in the 1977 picture I am about 6 months older than Juliana is now.  I showed this picture to Juliana today and she made a comment about her flower girl dress being better than mine.  I responded by . . . → Read More: Flower Girls – 1977 and 2010