Back to Preschool with Twinkle Toes


The summer childcare program has come to a close.  Earlier this week, Juliana told me that she didn’t want to go back to school…she wants it to be summer forever.  Alas, it was back to school on Thursday – another year of preschool for Juliana – it will be her 3rd year since she . . . → Read More: Back to Preschool with Twinkle Toes

Juliana and the Flower Boy


Earlier this summer, Juliana’s preschool teacher asked if Juliana could be the flower girl in her wedding.  And a few weeks later Juliana came home from her summer childcare program very excited – “When I am in the wedding!!!  I am going to walk down the aisle with A BOY!!!!!!!”  From this point forward . . . → Read More: Juliana and the Flower Boy

That’s What It’s All About


You put your head in.

You put your head out.  You put your head in and you shake it all about.

You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around.

That’s what it’s all . . . → Read More: That’s What It’s All About


As I was brushing Juliana’s hair this morning, I realized how long it is now.  We keep it shorter for a number of reasons – it doesn’t get in her face (especially while eating), there are less tangles to carefully remove each morning, and because she won’t let me do anything with it.  So . . . → Read More: Pigtails

Princess at Rest

Usually the Princess of the moment at our house is running wild, but she took a few minutes to be true to Sleeping Beauty and rest.  I like that she took the time to arrange the skirt of her dress and clasp her hands at her . . . → Read More: Princess at Rest

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Getting back to the final Disney posts (because if I don’t post them here, I won’t remember the details).

On Monday afternoon Juliana had her appointment at The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Cinderella’s Castle.  The package was a gift from Nonni and included a Belle dress with shoes, crown and wand, the hairstyle of . . . → Read More: The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Disney Day #4

Monday was another Magic Kingdom day.  We arrived at the gate prior to the Park open time so we could make it to our breakfast reservation .  We were dining at the castle and Juliana wasn’t the only one looking forward this meal (I might have been a little excited to go to . . . → Read More: Disney Day #4

Juliana’s Birthday – Part 1

Our day was far too busy to fit into one blog post…way to many pictures to tell the story.

Scott and I woke Juliana up together.  As she sleepily opened her eyes, she realized it was her birthday and smiled.  When asked how old she was she was happy to display 4 fingers.

While . . . → Read More: Juliana’s Birthday – Part 1

Easter 2009

Apparently I can only blog once a month now, and that’s ok. I am still working full time, dealing with kitchen construction, not sleeping, spring allergies… I am still keeping up with Project 365 (a picture for everyday) which is being printed and added to the album for the year – so the documentation . . . → Read More: Easter 2009

Halloween 2008

Juliana had a busy and fun halloween. She wore a Snow White costume (from the dress-up bin) to school in the morning and they had a busy day which included – carving a pumpkin and cooking the seeds, decorating smaller individual pumpkins, a costume parade through the school, an ice cream sundae party, . . . → Read More: Halloween 2008