Wyatt at 18-Months


Wyatt is determined and analytical. When he sees something he wants, he walks with purpose staring in that direction, rarely running. He will sit and look at a toy or food for a while, trying to decide what it is and if he wants it.

Determined for Wyatt also equals stubborn. He gets mad . . . → Read More: Wyatt at 18-Months

Ruslan at 18-months


Super cute, a bundle of activity, happy most of the time and so much fun – everything you could possibly want at this age.

Ruslan loves to sleep – at night he is so happy to be carried to bed and snuggles down in his crib for the night without a fuss.  If . . . → Read More: Ruslan at 18-months

Visting Nana and Papa

We went to visit Scott’s parents today and wish Happy Birthday to Nana. Juliana was anxious to get there so that she could have a cupcake. She helped Papa fill the bird feeder and had lots of fun running around the yard. I was able to catch her in one quiet moment, but only . . . → Read More: Visting Nana and Papa

Using a Spoon and Miss Independent

Juliana has started to use a spoon to feed herself foods like yogurt and applesauce. She eats really well for a while and then remembers that it is fun to dump spoonfuls of food on the tray and smear it with her fingers – that usually ends the meal. Of course taking the bowl . . . → Read More: Using a Spoon and Miss Independent