Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with my parents, brother and sister-in-law. Juliana still isn’t back to normal, so she rested on the couch while the rest of us enjoyed the yummy turkey dinner – it was much quieter without her at the dinner table.

After dinner and clean-up we started opening presents. Juliana received so . . . → Read More: Christmas Eve

Disney #3

It was so hot at the Animal Kingdom on Sunday, we were all so worn-out after spending half of the day there. We came back to the hotel to rest and had pizza. Juliana never fell asleep. I forgot to include this picture in yesterday’s post of Juliana in her Little Einsteins t-shirt – . . . → Read More: Disney #3

Disney #1

We arrived in Orlando Friday morning. Juliana was very good on the plane – just a bit restless toward the end. After some minor issues in the check-in process and eating lunch, we decided that naps were a good idea. We napped for a bit and then went to Epcot for a few hours. . . . → Read More: Disney #1