All Smiles


Wyatt refused to smile for pictures for years – he would stare straight ahead without a glimpse of smile or deliver a straight lipped expression with his eyes pointed anywhere other than the camera. Something changed over the last year and now he smiles and makes eye contact and willingly holds still when I . . . → Read More: All Smiles

Festivals are More Fun with Friends


For the past 3 years we have made a fall date to go to a local farm with friends. These 3 have posed for silly pictures.

 Went on hay rides.

 Ran through the corn maze.

 And climbed on the old truck.

This year I brought the boys along for the fun and we managed . . . → Read More: Festivals are More Fun with Friends

A Weekday Visit to the Pumpkin Farm


We make it the Fall Festival at Schramm’s Farm once each year to pick pumpkins and enjoy some of the other festival events.  In the past we have always gone on a Saturday or Sunday. The month of October is always very busy and I realized we didn’t have a weekend available to make the . . . → Read More: A Weekday Visit to the Pumpkin Farm

Our Saturday Adventure to Soergel’s Farm


Since Scott returned home from Guam, we have been trying to have a family outing each Saturday.  Something kid friendly followed by dinner out with the kids (2 parents vs 3 kids at a restaurant – 2 of whom throw food and sippy cups on occasion…it gets interesting).

This past Saturday we decided to go . . . → Read More: Our Saturday Adventure to Soergel’s Farm

Field Trip – Pumpkin Farm

Today was my first field trip in a really long time.  Juliana’s class, the 3-yr preschool, kindergarden and 1st grade all went to a local farm today – Triple B Farms – for their fall festival.  Every day for weeks, our morning has begun with the same question – Is today pumpkin farm day?  . . . → Read More: Field Trip – Pumpkin Farm

Leaves and a Box

Scott had some valuable assistance raking leaves last week. Juliana loves to help with the leaves and of course jump in the big pile.

Juliana received a birthday package in the mail this week (Thanks Francina!) and of course had lots of fun playing in the box. . . . → Read More: Leaves and a Box