Christmas Penguin PJs – 2014 Family Edition


Continuing our tradition of special pjs for Christmas morning, there were new pjs again this year. When I found the perfect penguin pjs for Juliana I was thrilled and ordered 3 sets. Then I noticed that there was an adult version as well so I added that to my shopping cart. I was about . . . → Read More: Christmas Penguin PJs – 2014 Family Edition

Our Family Photo Shoot


We used to take a family picture on our wedding anniversary each year – nothing formal, usually in the front yard, tripod and timer. Here are the first five years. A picture in the front yard sounds so simple, but it was always complicated – everyone at home, matching clothes or random, contain the . . . → Read More: Our Family Photo Shoot

Football Season has Arrived


I went on the hunt for a photo from my childhood last night. It turns out the photo isn’t on this computer, but I stumbled upon pictures of the boys dressed to celebrate the start of the football season as newborns. Such cute little guys in their Steelers onesies. So my focus switched to . . . → Read More: Football Season has Arrived

A Short Visit with Grandma Julie


My aunt and uncle brought my Grandma Julie to visit at the end of the year (they live in Erie). I love spending time with my Gramm and I am so happy when she is able to spend time with my children so they get to know her. She played with the kids in the . . . → Read More: A Short Visit with Grandma Julie

Sometimes the past comes creeping back


I haven’t been blogging much recently because I have a lot on my mind and it’s not the sort of stuff I usually talk about in this space. I have come to the realization that the internal struggle I have had over the past few weeks has a direct impact on my children and therefore, . . . → Read More: Sometimes the past comes creeping back

I Chose Wisely and Had Fun Too


As a mother I make choices every day that affect my children.

Should I fold the laundry or read to the kids? Put them in front of the TV so I can have some quiet time or build towers and play games with them? Stay inside and get stuff done or go outside and play? . . . → Read More: I Chose Wisely and Had Fun Too

Happy Thanksgiving


Today and all days, I am most thankful for family and moments like these.

. . . → Read More: Happy Thanksgiving

Grandma Lois

This is my Grandma Lois (my Dad’s mom) with my brother and me.  She is the reason that we packed up the kids and drove a long way for a day to attend my cousin Kim’s wedding.  I can’t remember the last time I saw my cousin Kim – I would guess it’s . . . → Read More: Grandma Lois

Project 365 – A Picture a Day

I started 2009 with Project 365 and I’m so glad I took on the challenge. Did I miss days?  Yes.  But I think overall I missed less than 20 days. I used a binder designed for this project that t includes slots to print – yes, actually print out the pictures so you can . . . → Read More: Project 365 – A Picture a Day

5 Years and Our Family of 5

Five years ago today I became Mrs. Scott Connelly. We started dating in October 2003 after being fixed up by our friend Natalae. Scott proposed in March 2004. We closed on our house in June and focused on making it move-in ready. Everyone kept asking for a wedding date so on July 12th, we . . . → Read More: 5 Years and Our Family of 5