Science is Only My Second Favorite Subject


Juliana knows that I have a science degree and talks about me being a scientist (I’m not) and asks me where I keep my hidden lab with all of my potions. And for some reason that all adds up to her thinking that I want her to be a scientist. Granted I want her . . . → Read More: Science is Only My Second Favorite Subject

The Emotional Scars Take the Longest to Heal


It’s been almost 2 years since Ruslan’s arm injury and if you look at him today, you wouldn’t know how badly his arm was burned. We are so grateful that he has full use of his arm and he continues to be a busy and very active boy.

On the other hand, he is . . . → Read More: The Emotional Scars Take the Longest to Heal

Wyatt’s First Day of Preschool


Tuesday was Wyatt’s first day of preschool! Last week and over the weekend people kept asking him if he was excited about starting preschool. He would nod his head but in typical Wyatt fashion there was no great enthusiasm.

Tuesday morning he didn’t kick and scream when it was time to get dressed and . . . → Read More: Wyatt’s First Day of Preschool

Ruslan Goes to Preschool Now


Every morning at drop-off for weeks, I would hear those words in the school hallway. One of the toddlers from Ruslan’s former class tugging on their parent’s arm to get their attention, pointing and saying “Ruslan goes to preschool now!”

Ruslan started preschool on January 22nd and he was so excited to finally move up. The first . . . → Read More: Ruslan Goes to Preschool Now

First Grade – 6 Weeks


It’s been 6 weeks since Juliana started first grade; I’m not sure how the weeks have passed so quickly. We met her teacher Ms C the week before school started and Juliana immediately felt better about first grade. Juliana even drew a picture of her and Ms C on the cover of her “All . . . → Read More: First Grade – 6 Weeks

First Day of Kindergarten


We survived the first day! I was up very early to make sure everything was ready, but I had been up late the night before to get things ready so I was mostly up early for no reason. Juliana had a very difficult time falling asleep Sunday night so getting her up and moving . . . → Read More: First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of School

The first day of preschool was yesterday. Juliana was so excited! I bought the dress several weeks ago and she has been waiting impatiently to wear it – pink and purple of course. I let her pick out the backpack – after I vetoed Hannah Montana – and she selected Barbie because it is . . . → Read More: First Day of School