First Grade and the Super Star Reader


Juliana starts second grade one week from today so it’s time to wrap-up first grade.

I loved everything about Juliana’s first grade year – her teacher, her classmates, how much she grew this past year. First grade is the first year of school with tests and letter grades and expectations that they will be able to . . . → Read More: First Grade and the Super Star Reader

First Grade Poetry Night


A few months ago I learned that the first graders would be studying poetry in the last trimester. As part of that segment, they would be reading and writing poetry and working together to critique each other’s work. Then each student would select their best poem (what they thought was best) and read it . . . → Read More: First Grade Poetry Night

Princess Hat Cupcakes


Juliana has several cookbooks – most filled with pretty treats – and she enjoys reading them and picking out things that we should make. A few months ago she picked out the cupcakes that she wanted me to make to bring to school for her birthday – they look like princess hats. They weren’t difficult . . . → Read More: Princess Hat Cupcakes

First Grade – 6 Weeks


It’s been 6 weeks since Juliana started first grade; I’m not sure how the weeks have passed so quickly. We met her teacher Ms C the week before school started and Juliana immediately felt better about first grade. Juliana even drew a picture of her and Ms C on the cover of her “All . . . → Read More: First Grade – 6 Weeks