Get Your Corn Dog Stick Out of Your Sister’s Ear!


Ah, Mother’s Day. The children are pleasant and spend the day with their father while the mother sleeps in, goes to brunch with friends, and has a relaxing day. Oh…that’s just folklore?

Don’t get me wrong, Mother’s Day did not go unrecognized. The children brought home projects and cards from school and Scott sent . . . → Read More: Get Your Corn Dog Stick Out of Your Sister’s Ear!

Our Merry Christmas


Last Sunday we watched the Steelers game at our house and the boys had so much fun running wild with my brother. Uncle Nick is one of Wyatt’s favorite playmates. Every time Nick sat down, Wyatt found a place near him. Wyatt makes the most of our short visits with Nick.

In the . . . → Read More: Our Merry Christmas

Bite Size Jello Jigglers


The boys are still in the older toddler room at childcare (I am hopeful they will move up to preschool someday). A few weeks ago they started “Taste it Tuesday” and asked each parent to volunteer to bring their child’s favorite snack for everyone to try. I immediately signed up for the week of . . . → Read More: Bite Size Jello Jigglers

There’s No Wrong Way to Eat a Cupcake


Wyatt spotted the cupcakes as soon as he walked in the kitchen. He yelled, “You buy Go Steelers cupcakes?” I told him that he could have one after dinner – he loves cupcakes! He sat at the table and ate everything on his plate. I placed his chocolate cupcake in front of him and . . . → Read More: There’s No Wrong Way to Eat a Cupcake

Finger Licking Good

Are there any children who don’t love jello? Especially jello that you are supposed to eat with your hands. I made jigglers today and the boys were so excited when I pulled them out of the fridge after dinner. Ruslan clearly enjoyed it.

It’s no secret that Wyatt loves sweets and jello is no . . . → Read More: Finger Licking Good

My Kids Will Trade Anything for a Donut


Allday yesterday Juliana insisted that it was her Sunday to go to church with my parents. We had decided that it was Ruslan’s turn to go this week and she was not happy. We asked her why she wanted to go to church and she replied that G (my dad) buys a chocolate donut with sprinkles for her to . . . → Read More: My Kids Will Trade Anything for a Donut

Juliana as a Teacher

As we were leaving Kindergarten screening yesterday (more on that later), each child was given a gift bag.  It included a snack and juice box, several books, large foam dice, dominoes and other assorted learning toys.  There were 3 stacks of flash cards as well – alphabet cards, initial sound cards and rhyming cards.  . . . → Read More: Juliana as a Teacher

Bacon Memories


Bacon and especially BLT Sandwiches remind me of childhood summer visits to my grandparent’s house in Erie.  We always had BLTs for lunch at least once while we were there and always ate them outside.  They had a huge backyard with a large in-ground pool and we were usually dripping from the pool when we . . . → Read More: Bacon Memories



I don’t usually buy the single-serving containers of Jello – it’s much  more expensive than buying a box and making it at home.  But we had some in the fridge so I handed a container and spoon to each of the boys after dinner last night and in exchange I was entertained and had a . . . → Read More: JELLO

How to Eat a Push-Up Pop


Juliana and I went to Target one morning and I told her she could pick out an ice cream treat.  She selected cotton candy flavored push-up pops (I was saddened that she didn’t want the orange sherbet ones). We had them poolside one day and Juliana happily sat and enjoyed one or two of . . . → Read More: How to Eat a Push-Up Pop