Random Juliana


Her current favorite treat is a strawberry with a small hole cut into the top for some cool whip and a blueberry.  And of course a spoonful of cool whip on the side.


J: Mommy, I want a bone suit like Smitty Me: A what? J: You know, an outfit that looks . . . → Read More: Random Juliana

He Does Eat When He Wants


I don’t want anyone to think that Wyatt doesn’t eat just because he is a picky eater and he is a tall and skinny like his sister.  The key is it has to be something that he likes.  While Ruslan picks up his food with the tips of his fingers, Wyatt prefers the shovel-with-both-hands, . . . → Read More: He Does Eat When He Wants

Are Picky Eaters Born or Made?


Juliana is a picky eater – she doesn’t like to try new foods, she tells me she doesn’t like things or that she is allergic to them if she doesn’t want to eat.  I wanted to do a better job with the boys – have them like more foods and not be afraid to . . . → Read More: Are Picky Eaters Born or Made?

11 Months Old

Even though they will be 12 months next week, this post reflects their activities at 11 months.

Month 11 was the month of mobility and exploring lots of finger foods.  They are a bit like puppies, crawling all over the place, chewing on everything, and making lots of noise.  Sometimes they travel as a . . . → Read More: 11 Months Old

Cookies…Sort of

We start each meal with some sort of finger food – rice cakes and puffs have been the standard for several weeks.  Recently we added “biter bars” which are bascially hard cookies.  They both like them and have a different approach for eating them.

Ruslan takes little nibbles while Wyatt coats the cookie in . . . → Read More: Cookies…Sort of

Juliana’s Birthday – Part 1

Our day was far too busy to fit into one blog post…way to many pictures to tell the story.

Scott and I woke Juliana up together.  As she sleepily opened her eyes, she realized it was her birthday and smiled.  When asked how old she was she was happy to display 4 fingers.

While . . . → Read More: Juliana’s Birthday – Part 1

6 Months Old

6 months old and becoming more fun each day.  They seem to be learning a new “trick” every week. 

Ruslan figured out how to blow bubbles and of course his favorite time to do that is while eating; he loves the sound of his voice (will all of my children have this trait); his feet . . . → Read More: 6 Months Old

Making Baby Food

One of the gifts I received at the baby shower when I was pregnant with Juliana, was a small food mill designed for making baby food.  When I opened it, I laughed and said – apparently I am going to have time to make baby food.

Once Juliana was born and we neared the . . . → Read More: Making Baby Food

A Few of My Favorite Things by Ruslan

#1 – My thumb – it is with me everywhere I go. I prefer my left thumb, but if Mommy has trapped that thumb in my shirt sleeve while trying to change my clothes, then I will use the right thumb. To get my thumb in my mouth, I press the palm of my . . . → Read More: A Few of My Favorite Things by Ruslan

First Bowl of Cereal

After sleeping all night for weeks, over the past few weeks both boys had started to wake up almost every night.  I checked one of the “is your baby ready for solid food” quizes…and the answer was yes for all 10 questions.  So Tuesday evening they each had their first bowl of cereal.

Instead of . . . → Read More: First Bowl of Cereal