Juliana’s Visit to Happy Valley


I was excited to take Juliana to Penn State (I wrote a little bit about our trip already here). She wanted to see where I went to college and was looking forward to spending the day with me but she wasn’t thrilled about watching the football game. I was worried about how Juliana would be . . . → Read More: Juliana’s Visit to Happy Valley

It Turns Out Happy Valley is Still My Happy Place


I was 17 the first time I walked onto the University Park Campus. It was the summer before my senior year of high school and I was deciding where I wanted to go to college. I planned to major in geology and the Penn State program was one of the best in the country.

I . . . → Read More: It Turns Out Happy Valley is Still My Happy Place

Football Season has Arrived


I went on the hunt for a photo from my childhood last night. It turns out the photo isn’t on this computer, but I stumbled upon pictures of the boys dressed to celebrate the start of the football season as newborns. Such cute little guys in their Steelers onesies. So my focus switched to . . . → Read More: Football Season has Arrived

Talking before bed

Juliana generally has interesting tidbits to share before bed and tonight was no exception.

When asked about school today, she shared this: “We talked about the Lombardi trophy, it has a football on top.”

When I told her is was time to get into her bed: “I want to rock until the Steelers win . . . → Read More: Talking before bed