Festivals are More Fun with Friends


For the past 3 years we have made a fall date to go to a local farm with friends. These 3 have posed for silly pictures.

 Went on hay rides.

 Ran through the corn maze.

 And climbed on the old truck.

This year I brought the boys along for the fun and we managed . . . → Read More: Festivals are More Fun with Friends

Hay Fight

If Juliana is near a hay bale she can’t help herself. She will start to pick pieces of it apart and toss it at someone nearby. Give her a pile of hay that is meant to be touched and tossed around…well you can imagine what might happen. We went to a pumpkin farm with . . . → Read More: Hay Fight

Double the Innings, Double the Fun


We finally made plans to take the boys to their first baseball game and arranged to go with a group of friends. The game was long, 16 innings long. It was two innings shy of two full games and there was a 7th innings stretch and a 14th inning stretch. There were also two . . . → Read More: Double the Innings, Double the Fun

This is Definitely the Best Weekend of My Entire Life

It was only Saturday morning when Juliana uttered those words while eating breakfast; most of the weekend was still ahead at this point. But I have to agree it was a pretty good holiday weekend for her. It is the type of weekend that I hope she remembers – packed with friends and fun!

. . . → Read More: This is Definitely the Best Weekend of My Entire Life

Autumn Adventures


The weather was so pretty while we were at the park last weekend and the kids were all happy, so I thought I would take a few quick pictures of the kids together. They agreed to sit in some leaves and this is what I got. Not quite the happy group I was hoping . . . → Read More: Autumn Adventures

Snack Time with Cookie Monster


Wyatt and Cookie Monster are spending more and more time together.  After nap and in the morning all of the other friends stay in his crib, but not Cookie.  He gets to come downstairs and be carried around for a little while.  And sometimes he gets to have after nap snack.  On this occasion . . . → Read More: Snack Time with Cookie Monster

Field Trip – Pumpkin Farm

Today was my first field trip in a really long time.  Juliana’s class, the 3-yr preschool, kindergarden and 1st grade all went to a local farm today – Triple B Farms – for their fall festival.  Every day for weeks, our morning has begun with the same question – Is today pumpkin farm day?  . . . → Read More: Field Trip – Pumpkin Farm