One More Ride


It was the second weekend in September and I looked at the calendar and realized that the next day was the last day of the year the rides were open at Kennywood. So we made quick plans and decided to go.

Last summer, both Juliana and I had flexible┬áschedules and we made it to . . . → Read More: One More Ride

The Hiding Game


The boys like it when you hide from them and jump out. Well, actually they like it when they know where you are and they can see you sort of hidden and then you jump out and “surprise” them. This game often takes place in the evening after dinner. Someone hides at the top . . . → Read More: The Hiding Game

I Chose Wisely and Had Fun Too


As a mother I make choices every day that affect my children.

Should I fold the laundry or read to the kids? Put them in front of the TV so I can have some quiet time or build towers and play games with them?┬áStay inside and get stuff done or go outside and play? . . . → Read More: I Chose Wisely and Had Fun Too

Kennywood – Riding the Whip

Juliana had so much fun on the rides at Kennywood! On the whip, she rode with a friend that she met in line. Every time that she went around she laughed and laughed.

. . . → Read More: Kennywood – Riding the Whip