A Deal is a Deal


After several weeks of challenging preschool drop-offs, I was desperate for an improvement. Every morning Wyatt told me he didn’t want to go to school and when we got to his classroom, he cried and held on to me, chased me down the hall to the door, and basically made the morning process very stressful. . . . → Read More: A Deal is a Deal

Random Juliana


Her current favorite treat is a strawberry with a small hole cut into the top for some cool whip and a blueberry.  And of course a spoonful of cool whip on the side.


J: Mommy, I want a bone suit like Smitty Me: A what? J: You know, an outfit that looks . . . → Read More: Random Juliana

Let’s Play

The boys are spending more time playing – alone with their toys, together with each other and they love when big sister decides to entertain them for a few minutes – their loudest laughs are heard when Juliana is playing with them.  They have also reached the age where playing peak-a-boo is hysterical fun.  . . . → Read More: Let’s Play