We didn’t go on a big family vacation this summer – Scott was still recovering from his concussion at the beginning on the summer and then Wyatt had surgery at the beginning of August. So we scheduled a mini-vacation for the end of July – the week after Juliana’s last big specialty camp of . . . → Read More: Mini-Vacation

A Short Visit with Grandma Julie


My aunt and uncle brought my Grandma Julie to visit at the end of the year (they live in Erie). I love spending time with my Gramm and I am so happy when she is able to spend time with my children so they get to know her. She played with the kids in the . . . → Read More: A Short Visit with Grandma Julie

Presque Isle – Beach #6


My parents have been married for a long time – 41 years. They met during the summer of 1967 when they were both 16 at Presque Isle Beach #6 on Lake Erie. I was surprised when my mom recommended that we take the kids to the beach to play Friday afternoon and as we . . . → Read More: Presque Isle – Beach #6

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma Julie


My mom, Juliana and I went to visit my Grandma for her birthday today.  She knew that my mom was coming, but it was a last minute decision for Juliana and I to go – so she had a fun birthday surprise when we showed up at her house.  My Grandma is pretty awesome . . . → Read More: Happy 80th Birthday Grandma Julie

3 Weeks – Status

Ruslan and Wyatt are 3 weeks old today. Pictures from yesterday, Wyatt is on the darker blue blanket. Update of what’s happening here.

1 – I have mangaed to take a shower before noon almost every day since we have been home from the hospital.

2 – I left the boys for the first . . . → Read More: 3 Weeks – Status