When Bouncing Baby Boys Get BIG

Moving, bouncing, rolling, pushing, kicking…these are all words that I would use to describe my busy boys since before the day that they were born. I never had to sit and count movements when I was pregnant because it was rare that they stopped moving. With two of them in there I could feel and see . . . → Read More: When Bouncing Baby Boys Get BIG

Age 7 – The Year of Growing Up


I can’t remember a year since she was a toddler that Juliana changed as much as she has at age 7. She is growing up and maturing and starting to make better choices. I am starting to see glimpses of the person that she will be.

Is she still loud? Yes. Is she perfectly . . . → Read More: Age 7 – The Year of Growing Up

I Didn’t Expect the Flirting to Start So Early


After First Grade poetry night, we went to Dairy Queen for a treat. We ordered and Juliana turned around to one of her classmates and asked if she could please, please, please eat her ice cream with Donnie (name changed). While I waited off to the side for our ice cream she stood with . . . → Read More: I Didn’t Expect the Flirting to Start So Early

Assessment, Evaluation, an IEP and Progress (Finally)


I didn’t want to be the parent who refused to believe that their child might need a little help. I didn’t want to wait until it was time for Kindergarten to realize that he wasn’t ready. I didn’t want to fail him as his mother.

I believe that one of my responsibilities as a . . . → Read More: Assessment, Evaluation, an IEP and Progress (Finally)

A Quick Haircut Makes Such a Difference

Yesterday was another busy Saturday, I planned to spend the morning with the boys and the afternoon with Juliana at a birthday party. Scott had National Guard this weekend, so my mom was swapping places with me at 1:00 and staying with the boys for the afternoon. I gave the boys some time to play . . . → Read More: A Quick Haircut Makes Such a Difference

6 going on 16


There is no doubt that Juliana loves her brothers. She doesn’t see them in the morning before school since she leaves before they are up, and she is always excited to see them when they come home. She wants to play with them and help them and she genuinely cares about them. They are . . . → Read More: 6 going on 16

Who is this Big Kid


This is Juliana on her first trip to Kennywood – she was 10 months old. Those 2 little teeth, they are gone and have been replaced by big teeth.

She spent most of the day riding around in her stroller enthralled with the sounds and activity all around her. She only went on . . . → Read More: Who is this Big Kid

Shouldn’t Parenting Get Easier


Newborns are helpless when you bring them home from the hospital.  We set Juliana in a bouncy sea and stared at her.  Now what? She was dependent on us for everything and we were scared that we would mess up. I didn’t realize that was this easy phase when all that mattered was food, sleep, . . . → Read More: Shouldn’t Parenting Get Easier

Growing Up and New Beginnings


An October birthday equaled three full years of preschool for Juliana, it seemed like she was in preschool forever (half of her life to this point).  This last year of preschool was much of the same – same classroom, same teachers (with the exception of her beloved Ms Moran, Juliana still tells me that . . . → Read More: Growing Up and New Beginnings

Where Did My Baby Go?


I sat at the table with Wyatt while he was eating his snack. I blinked and he suddenly looked so big.  Bigger than he did before his nap. How do they change so quickly?