Where Did My Baby Go?


I sat at the table with Wyatt while he was eating his snack. I blinked and he suddenly looked so big.  Bigger than he did before his nap. How do they change so quickly?

Dear Santa


Tuesday afternoon the Toys R Us Big Toy Book came in the mail.  When I was hit hard with a migraine that evening I needed a way to get Juliana to go to bed without my involvement.  So I sent her to bed with the catalog and told her to find toys to add . . . → Read More: Dear Santa

My (little bit) Big Girl

Sometimes I look at her and I am amazed at how quickly she is changing and growing up. 

She plays by herself for longer stretches of time – emerging from her craft table with fabulous masterpieces – or appearing in fantastic dress-up attire – or sitting quietly playing her leapster.

She is watching . . . → Read More: My (little bit) Big Girl

The Dentist

I hate going to the dentist.  Not in the normal way that people just don’t like going, it’s bigger than that.  I had a bad experience as a child.  And now on the days leading up to a dental check-up I feel sick and dread every moment that takes me closer to that . . . → Read More: The Dentist