The Boys are Never Going to Preschool


Juliana started preschool a month before she turned 3 – she was fully potty trained, she was bored in the toddler room and she was very ready for the preschool environment. When Ruslan and Wyatt turned 3 in the spring, I was happy that their birthday was early in the year. In my opinion, . . . → Read More: The Boys are Never Going to Preschool

Saturday in Pictures


Mother’s Day was a quiet day spent at home. It was raining so the kids spent the day in their pjs. We really needed a day at home after several weekends where we were constantly on the go. Yesterday started with haircuts for all 3 kids followed by playtime at home and naps for the . . . → Read More: Saturday in Pictures

Looooong Weekends


Between January 1st and the end of the school year, Juliana is off school 8 days that are work days for me. 8 Mondays, Tuesdays or Fridays that I need to find a way to keep her busy while I work or use a vacation day. To make it even more interesting, childcare is . . . → Read More: Looooong Weekends

A Quick Haircut Makes Such a Difference

Yesterday was another busy Saturday, I planned to spend the morning with the boys and the afternoon with Juliana at a birthday party. Scott had National Guard this weekend, so my mom was swapping places with me at 1:00 and staying with the boys for the afternoon. I gave the boys some time to play . . . → Read More: A Quick Haircut Makes Such a Difference

Ruslan’s First Haircut


Ruslan got his first haircut Saturday morning.  Technically it was more of a trim – the long pieces on top and the back.  He has more hair then you can see in the pictures, it is white blond like Juliana’s was when she was a toddler. He was not a fan of the process.

. . . → Read More: Ruslan’s First Haircut

Crowns, High Heels and Pretty Hair


The boys will happily play with anything that she leaves out, that includes all sorts of princess stuff.  Sometimes Juliana “helps” them accessorize and other times they do it on their own.  Wyatt currently loves wearing a hat and found the Belle crown to be irresistible.

Usually the boys get very upset if . . . → Read More: Crowns, High Heels and Pretty Hair

Wyatt’s First Haircut


Wyatt’s hair has been out of control for a while – it stuck up on top, it was longer on one side than the other in the back, and it was a big mess all of the time.

Scott took him to the local barber shop Thursday morning and in just a few minutes, . . . → Read More: Wyatt’s First Haircut

Hair and Nails

Last Friday my mom took Juliana for a manicure – now she has had as many professional manicures as I have had in my life – that would be 1.  My mom was sitting next to Juliana having her nails done as well.

When asked what color she wanted – “Rainbow”.  My mom . . . → Read More: Hair and Nails


Juliana has only had a few trims of her hair to this point, today was her first major haircut. She was very good while it was being cut – it helped that our next door neighbor was doing it and she cut it at our house (in the front yard since it was nice . . . → Read More: Haircut