New Hats


My Dad found toddler-sized Steelers hats for the boys last week and even bought a matching one for himself. My Dad wears a baseball cap whenever he is driving or outside and has an assortment of Steelers and Penguins hats. Wyatt likes to take the hats and wear them so he thought it was cool that . . . → Read More: New Hats

Ending the Week with a Smile


The last 8 days have been hard and I have continued to work and try to keep life as normal as possible for everyone. Yesterday my body said enough and a bad headache and other miserable feelings put me in bed for the night at 7:30. Today I woke up and decided that I . . . → Read More: Ending the Week with a Smile

Perfect Day for the Park


Today was one of those perfect spring days – sunshine, blue skies and not too hot.  I took a late lunch break today and we went to the park.  Since the boys were only a few months old at the end of last summer, this was their first trip to the park that they . . . → Read More: Perfect Day for the Park

Splash! Splash!

We bought a water table for the boys for their birthday and we finally have a nice weekend to enjoy it.  Yesterday we assembled the pieces, filled it with water and dressed Ruslan and Wyatt in their bathing suits.

Wyatt immediately started spashing in the water while Ruslan focused on all of the new . . . → Read More: Splash! Splash!

Two Quick Pictures

I will get back to somewhat regular posting again soon…two quick pictures from today.


We went to a picnic last weekend and the boys were so cute in their hats, especially Ruslan with his round face Wyatt is very sceptical of the camera – generally has the same expression for pictures. Ruslan is good for some smiles, sticking out his tongue and other entertaining expressions. I love the . . . → Read More: Hats

Winter Accessories

At one point in the afternoon yesterday, Juliana was being very quiet. This is usually cause for concern. However, when I rounded the corner I found her wearing her winter hat and one glove and intently focused on getting the second glove on. Soon after I took these pictures, I came back to find . . . → Read More: Winter Accessories

3rd of July

We go to a 3rd of July party every year at Aunt Natalae’s house. And Juliana always has a festive holiday outfit for the occasion. This year’s ensemble included sparkles, tie-die and glitter coated flip flops! She loved the flip flops and refered to them as her July shoes (short for 4th of July). . . . → Read More: 3rd of July

Thanks Easter Bunny!

In this case – Thanks Uncle Nick and Aunt Becky! Juliana loved her surprise box of Easter treats. She had lots of fun pulling the packing materials out and scattered the packing peanuts along the hallway. She wanted to eat the cookie right away

. . . → Read More: Thanks Easter Bunny!

Another Hat

This time it is a much prettier pink hat. (compared to the adult ski cap)