Happy 4th of July


Happy Easter

It takes some work, but generally I can get a decent picture of the 3 of them together when I want.  Not today and if the boys stay as busy as they are now it might be a while until that happens.  Here are 2 pictures from the many I took, hoping that the . . . → Read More: Happy Easter

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

. . . → Read More: Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Merry Christmas

We have had a great Christmas Holiday, I hope that your family did as well!  Here’s Juliana, Ruslan and Wyatt in their Christmas pjs this morning.

And here are the pictures we included on our Christmas card this year.

Merry . . . → Read More: Merry Christmas

4th of July Festivites

Juliana had a busy holiday weekend. It started with the annual 3rd of July party at Aunt Natalae’s house in a new holiday dress.

Saturday, Daddy took her to Forest Hills 63rd Annual Community Day (one of the many things we love about Forest Hills). She fed goats at the petting zoo, rode a . . . → Read More: 4th of July Festivites

Happy Independence Day

Yesterday we went to Aunt Natalae’s Annual 3rd of July party. It is a huge party complete with a live band and fireworks. I think that this was my 7th year of the party. For those of you who don’t know, Natalae is the person who introduced Scott and I and she is . . . → Read More: Happy Independence Day


We started Easter Day with 8:00 am church. While I was getting everything ready to go, I put Little Einsteins on to keep her occupied and snapped this picture of Juliana sitting calmly all ready for church.

After service we visited with friends and Juliana enjoyed a cupcake. She also showed us how . . . → Read More: Easter

Easter Dress Preview

I haven’t had time to sort through the 100+ pictures from Easter to find the good ones. Hopefully I will get through them and post in the next day or two. I tried to take a nice picture of Juliana in her Easter Dress – here’s some photos of what happens when I want . . . → Read More: Easter Dress Preview

Easter Eggs

Friday morning, Juliana, Daddy, Mommy and Nonni dyed Easter Eggs. Juliana got right into it by coloring her first egg with the crayon with scribbles. She started out using the egg holder to move the egg around and was very intent on the process. Later on she just used her hands and they were . . . → Read More: Easter Eggs

Thanks Easter Bunny!

In this case – Thanks Uncle Nick and Aunt Becky! Juliana loved her surprise box of Easter treats. She had lots of fun pulling the packing materials out and scattered the packing peanuts along the hallway. She wanted to eat the cookie right away

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