April Celebrations


During the awful, never-ending winter, I keep my eyes on the first week of April and our planned vacation. We were promised warmth and a much needed break. But as excited as I was, I was also dreading the craziness that April would bring.

My philosophy on birthday parties for the kids is simple – . . . → Read More: April Celebrations

She Loves to Jump


Yesterday was the last class in Juliana’s first session of Level 1 gymnastics. Parents are allowed in the gymnasium on the last day of class so I was able to get some video and pictures of her in action. She absolutely loves gymnastics and I think if she could stop bouncing so much and pay . . . → Read More: She Loves to Jump

Ru Update – Day 6


Yesterday Ru woke up in a great mood – it was the first time in almost a week that he wasn’t crying for the first part of the morning. And his good mood continued for most of the day.

Today he was back to being fussy and clingy for much of the day. We . . . → Read More: Ru Update – Day 6

The Jumping Game

Jump, fall down, laugh and repeat. They love making each other laugh. I imagine any adult would be in serious trouble landing on his knees the way Ruslan does over and over. Wyatt took a slightly less crazy approach for his fall to the floor. (Note: Scott took this video today – I don’t want anyone to . . . → Read More: The Jumping Game

Continuing with the Climbing Theme


The boys are no longer content to stand on the toy storage unit (that contains no toys because they dump the bins out)…no, they now try to sit on the windowsill and there are daily attempts at standing on it.

Sometimes the coffee table turns into a stage for an impromptu dance . . . → Read More: Continuing with the Climbing Theme

Splashing in the Puddle

Well, Juliana calls them ponds…she had lots of fun splashing and walking around in her boots and carrying her umbrella. . . . → Read More: Splashing in the Puddle

This Morning Before School

I loved her outfit this morning (tried to post this on Wednesday…blogger trouble). The combination of the t-shirt, skirt and socks was adorable. And with the morning sunshine we played outside for a few minutes. After taking the bubble mower for a drive across the lawn she jumped up and down for some pictures. . . . → Read More: This Morning Before School