My Summer Working at the Log Jammer


I spent two summers during college working at Kennywood Park – the first was spent in Kiddie Land and the second at the Log Jammer. It was the summer of 1993. The Log Jammer was classified as a major ride which means that the staff stays at that ride all day instead of rotating . . . → Read More: My Summer Working at the Log Jammer

Wyatt’s Second Favorite Day


I made a promise to the kids at the beginning of the summer – they would each get one afternoon at Kennywood alone with me. At different heights and with different likes, taking the three of them together means that someone is always unhappy with the ride choice. Taking one at a time means . . . → Read More: Wyatt’s Second Favorite Day

Summer is Off to a Good Start


The boys finished preschool almost two weeks ago and Juliana is hours away from finishing second grade and we have already jumped right in to summer fun!

The boys spent a day with my Dad on an adventure which included a new playground (new playground, aka playground they have never been to, is the best!)

. . . → Read More: Summer is Off to a Good Start

I Love These Happy Faces


Today was exhausting and wild and happy. At one point Wyatt was holding my hand as we walked when he stopped. He wrapped his arm around me, looked up and said, “Mommy, this is the best day ever!” And then we continued walking. I love making these kids happy!


. . . → Read More: I Love These Happy Faces

One More Ride


It was the second weekend in September and I looked at the calendar and realized that the next day was the last day of the year the rides were open at Kennywood. So we made quick plans and decided to go.

Last summer, both Juliana and I had flexible schedules and we made it to . . . → Read More: One More Ride

How Much Longer


Yesterday I picked Juliana up early from her summer program and we went to Kennywood. She hugged me and told me how excited she was to spend the rest of the day with me.

As we walked away from the van toward the entrance, I felt Juliana slip her hand into mine. Throughout the day, . . . → Read More: How Much Longer

They Even Went TownTown – Ruslan and Wyatt’s Summer Break


Each summer our childcare program is closed for a few days at the end of the school year and for a few days before school begins again. It involves some juggling and this week my mom took 3 days off to spend with the boys.

Monday we spent 3-1/2 hours at Kennywood; it was . . . → Read More: They Even Went TownTown – Ruslan and Wyatt’s Summer Break

Impromptu Kennywood Dance Party

Scott and I took the kids to Kennywood today and I took a lot of pictures…so many pictures that after I deleted ~100 (blurry, bad light, duplicates, etc), I still have 170 to go through and find my favorites. We had a lot of fun!

At one point I was waiting for Scott and . . . → Read More: Impromptu Kennywood Dance Party

Water Rides – Love Them or Hate Them


Water Rides seem like a great idea on a hot summer day at an amusement park and there is no doubt that the water provides a cool down. However, boarding the ride you sit on a wet seat and the bottom of the “boat” is often covered in water so your feet are immediately . . . → Read More: Water Rides – Love Them or Hate Them

My Greatest Accomplishment (according to Juliana)


At 40 years old I’ve only had 5 employers. My first job experience was working at a fast food restaurant (Long John Silvers) in high school. 5 of my friends worked in the same location and we managed to have some fun at work while doing a good job as well. I think that . . . → Read More: My Greatest Accomplishment (according to Juliana)