I Found Her Quiet Voice


“Juliana, please lower your voice.” “Stop yelling!” “Your brothers are asleep, you need to whisper.” All day long these are the things that I say to her and usually she keeps talking at the same volume. It is as if she turned 6 and that sometimes quiet / inside voice went away forever.

Today Juliana’s . . . → Read More: I Found Her Quiet Voice

They Can’t All be Awesome Days

The school bus pulls up in front of the house and I watch her blond head pop out of her seat and walk to the steps. She bounces across the street, runs up the sidewalk and flies through the front door – she exudes energy as she tosses her coat and backpack and kicks . . . → Read More: They Can’t All be Awesome Days

Kindergarten 12-weeks in the books


Following the completion of the first 12-weeks of school we went to Juliana’s parent teacher conference last week. My first question – 12-weeks? Does this mean Kindergarten is 1/3 over already? Yes, it does. I had to hold back tears at that point because this year is going by much too quickly.

Spoiler alert . . . → Read More: Kindergarten 12-weeks in the books

Kindergarten is Exhausting


Juliana doesn’t provide a lot of details about what happens during the day at school. The information we do hear is generally out of context – a random statement that makes little sense. I think this is common for her age. The main goal of the first 6 weeks of Kindergarten seems to be . . . → Read More: Kindergarten is Exhausting

Mornings Are Not My Favorite


Juliana does not enjoy getting up early for school. She is difficult to drag out of bed, she falls over while I get her dressed, and I never know what the drama will be each morning. On the first day of school she went back to sleep on the couch. This morning I got . . . → Read More: Mornings Are Not My Favorite

Hip and Lip


Juliana has offered few details about what they do at school and most of what I hear is out of context so it doesn’t make much sense. When she told me that they had been practicing “hip and lip” I needed to know more. She explained it is how they walk through the hallways . . . → Read More: Hip and Lip

First Day of Kindergarten


We survived the first day! I was up very early to make sure everything was ready, but I had been up late the night before to get things ready so I was mostly up early for no reason. Juliana had a very difficult time falling asleep Sunday night so getting her up and moving . . . → Read More: First Day of Kindergarten

Ready for Kindergarten

It’s the night before Juliana’s first day of Kindergarten. Her backpack and her lunch are packed. Her outfit is picked out. The camera battery is charged and the memory card has plenty of space.

We have talked a lot about what to expect tomorrow morning. Tonight I asked her what she was doing tomorrow . . . → Read More: Ready for Kindergarten

Juliana’s New BFF


Juliana clutched my hand tightly as we walked into her school for Kindergarten orientation. She was glued so close to my side that she tripped me several times as we made our way to her classroom. We signed in and she wanted to stay in the hallway and look for her cubby instead of . . . → Read More: Juliana’s New BFF

Growing Up and New Beginnings


An October birthday equaled three full years of preschool for Juliana, it seemed like she was in preschool forever (half of her life to this point).  This last year of preschool was much of the same – same classroom, same teachers (with the exception of her beloved Ms Moran, Juliana still tells me that . . . → Read More: Growing Up and New Beginnings