The Heat is On


The past two weeks have been very, very hot. We have moved quickly from one air conditioned space to another and done our best to stay cool. The kids don’t mind the heat as much, they love being outside regardless of the weather. So we have tried to spend some time outside in the evening . . . → Read More: The Heat is On

The Hiding Game


The boys like it when you hide from them and jump out. Well, actually they like it when they know where you are and they can see you sort of hidden and then you jump out and “surprise” them. This game often takes place in the evening after dinner. Someone hides at the top . . . → Read More: The Hiding Game

This is What Happy Looks Like


My brother hasn’t been to Pittsburgh since last Christmas so when I would mention Uncle Nick the boys didn’t know who I was talking about. I asked Nick to come over this morning so they could play with him on their turf and play they did. They raced matchbox cars down the ramps, they . . . → Read More: This is What Happy Looks Like

Laughing Babies


On the short drive to my in-laws house on Saturday, Ruslan and Wyatt were laughing away in the van.  We had no idea why they were laughing, we just stayed quiet and enjoyed the sound…and I hit record on my phone.  When we arrived, we found out that they were playing peek-a-boo with each . . . → Read More: Laughing Babies

Laughing Babies

This is part of our evening routine. As I get the boys changed into their sleepers, we have a little tickle-fest with lots of giggling. Usually they start laughing as soon as I start changing their clothes. The videos are posted on Facebook, but everyone should be able to view them here I think. . . . → Read More: Laughing Babies