6.0 Times Two


I could sit and listen to the two of them talk for hours. They go from idle chatter to fighting to laughing to arguing to happily playing together. There are injuries and hurt feelings every day, but most of all they love each other and would rather be together than apart. These two boys . . . → Read More: 6.0 Times Two

We Aren’t Getting Married Until We Are 29


The week before parent-teacher conferences we received a paper from school with suggested questions and topics that we might want to cover in our conferences. I have a good relationships with all 3 teachers and if there are any issues I know about them so I don’t have a lot of questions at conference . . . → Read More: We Aren’t Getting Married Until We Are 29

I Love These Happy Faces


Today was exhausting and wild and happy. At one point Wyatt was holding my hand as we walked when he stopped. He wrapped his arm around me, looked up and said, “Mommy, this is the best day ever!” And then we continued walking. I love making these kids happy!


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Best Friends


When I ask one of the boys who they played with at childcare, the answer is always the same “My Brother”. I love that they play together and I love that they always have their best friend available. At the park yesterday the boys had been running back and forth across the field for a . . . → Read More: Best Friends

Wyatt’s Kitty


A few months ago, Wyatt started collecting stuffed animals – old ones that Juliana has discarded and some that the boys have received over time. He will find one that he likes and keep it around for a while and some make it up to his crib. For a while he was attached to dog . . . → Read More: Wyatt’s Kitty

Brotherly Love


Exchanging hugs and nuzzles…Ruslan had lots of hugs for Wyatt and Wyatt started to get nervous that Ruslan was going to hit him in the head since there was a lot of hitting here over the past few days.  The nuzzle picture…love.

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No and Mine Have Arrived and Brought Biting Back


When I returned home last Friday I noticed something different about Ruslan.  No matter what I asked him – Do you want to play? Do you want to sit with Mommy? Do you want a snack? The answer was No.  At first I thought he must be mad at me for being gone, but . . . → Read More: No and Mine Have Arrived and Brought Biting Back

When You Were Born

By the time you arrived at 10:15 pm on that Friday night, it had been a long day (two days really).  You were in no hurry to come out into the world.  After being induced and a long labor and pushing, you still wanted to stay put.  Eventually the Drs decided it was in . . . → Read More: When You Were Born