Ten Years Ago, Part 1: The Meadow Party


It was a perfect fall day. The sky was clear and it was warm with a slight crisp in the air.

I had been traveling almost every week and all I wanted to do that Saturday was sleep in and spend the afternoon on the couch watching football. But I convinced myself to get ready and . . . → Read More: Ten Years Ago, Part 1: The Meadow Party

Assessment, Evaluation, an IEP and Progress (Finally)


I didn’t want to be the parent who refused to believe that their child might need a little help. I didn’t want to wait until it was time for Kindergarten to realize that he wasn’t ready. I didn’t want to fail him as his mother.

I believe that one of my responsibilities as a . . . → Read More: Assessment, Evaluation, an IEP and Progress (Finally)

Big Boy Beds


We knew it was time to move Ruslan and Wyatt to big boy beds, but we weren’t looking forward to it…too much freedom for 2 wild boys. When we moved Juliana to a big bed, nothing changed. We put her in bed, she went to sleep, and she stayed in bed until I went to get . . . → Read More: Big Boy Beds

The Boys are Never Going to Preschool


Juliana started preschool a month before she turned 3 – she was fully potty trained, she was bored in the toddler room and she was very ready for the preschool environment. When Ruslan and Wyatt turned 3 in the spring, I was happy that their birthday was early in the year. In my opinion, . . . → Read More: The Boys are Never Going to Preschool

Ruslan and Wyatt 3.0


I usually write separate posts about the boys, but so much of what they are doing is the same right now so it made sense to combine. The boys are playing together a lot more – they play in the kitchen, they play cars, build, etc. I love that we are finally getting the . . . → Read More: Ruslan and Wyatt 3.0

The Beginning of the End


At the beginning of each month Juliana brings home a homework calendar attached to a stack of worksheets. Technically there is an assignment for each day, but since each one only takes a minute or two it is not worth the trouble to do it each day. So generally Thursday evenings after the boys are . . . → Read More: The Beginning of the End

Kennywood – What a Difference a Few Inches Makes


The past 2 summers have been a bit difficult for us at Kennywood.  Juliana was in between rides – the kiddie land rides were too slow and not exciting enough and she wasn’t tall enough for many of the larger rides.  We spent all of our time going on the same rides over and . . . → Read More: Kennywood – What a Difference a Few Inches Makes

Yesterday at the Park


Juliana made it across the monkey bars all by herself! And then did it again and again!

She practiced pumping her legs on the swings.

The boys finally figured out that it’s ok to hang out on the swings for a long time instead of swinging for 3 minutes, playing on . . . → Read More: Yesterday at the Park

Growing Up and New Beginnings


An October birthday equaled three full years of preschool for Juliana, it seemed like she was in preschool forever (half of her life to this point).  This last year of preschool was much of the same – same classroom, same teachers (with the exception of her beloved Ms Moran, Juliana still tells me that . . . → Read More: Growing Up and New Beginnings

First In First Out


There are so many milestones in those first 2 years – first smile, laugh, rolling over, sitting up…and those first teeth.  Juliana’s bottom two teeth made their appearance in May 2006 when she was 7 months old. 

Once walking and talking are regular activities, the major milestones drop off for a while.  Now a few weeks . . . → Read More: First In First Out