Gold Balloons


During the week when we are ready to leave the house, I pop the boys in the stroller, Juliana holds the front door open and we walk to school.  The toddler room for childcare is in the same hallway as the preschool classrooms.  When we reach the toddler room I stop the stroller and hand each . . . → Read More: Gold Balloons

The Morning Rush

**Note: I wrote this post 3 weeks ago. The week before the time change provided us with a week of extra early mornings. This new level of exhaustion prevented me from getting a picture of the boys in the stroller in the morning until a few days ago.**

On those HGTV shows when people . . . → Read More: The Morning Rush

My Morning Baby

Ruslan is exceedingly happy when he wakes in the morning. I am awakened each morning by the sounds of him screeching, babbling, cooing and blowing bubbles. Although I prefer this to being jolted awake by crying, I wish it weren’t so early. He would happily play in his crib if I left him there, . . . → Read More: My Morning Baby