10 Years Ago, Part 3: We Bought A House


The house was never officially on the market. Scott’s Great Uncle was the original owner of the house and the family decided they were ready to sell it in April 2004. It was located in Forest Hills, less than a mile from the house that Scott owned at the time. Scott’s mom took us . . . → Read More: 10 Years Ago, Part 3: We Bought A House

Our Home


In the fall of 2010, Scott and I started to talk about potentially moving. Juliana was a year from Kindergarten and we were considering a move to a different school district. Soon we were looking at lots of houses and we found a few that we liked, but to buy what we needed it was going . . . → Read More: Our Home

Ruslan and Wyatt’s Room


When we purchased our house in the spring of 2011, there were 4 rooms that we wanted to completely redo before we moved in (lots of other changes could be made to the house later): the playroom, the kids bathroom, Juliana’s room, and Ruslan and Wyatt’s room. I realized that I had never posted . . . → Read More: Ruslan and Wyatt’s Room

Before and After – Kid’s Bathroom Edition


The kid’s bathroom was one of the priority rooms to complete before we moved into the house. Exhibit A – the wallpaper – no picture can capture the horror. Metallic silver and gold sky-scrapers on the walls and they even covered the dual medicine cabinets with the wall paper. Did I mention that the . . . → Read More: Before and After – Kid’s Bathroom Edition

Progress at the House


When we bought this house it came with a long list of projects. The previous owners did very little maintenance during the time they owned it and then it sat vacant for 2 years before we purchased it in the spring. We accomplished quite a bit between closing and moving in but there were . . . → Read More: Progress at the House

Pinterest Inspiration


I completed a small project today in the kitchen based on one of the first ideas I pinned on Pinterest.  In case you are unfamiliar with Pinterest, here is my description.  It is a website (and now an app) where you can keep track of ideas that you find on the internet.  I always . . . → Read More: Pinterest Inspiration

Making Adjustments


The first few days in the house were weekdays and the boys were both sticking close to an adult while they were getting used to the new surroundings. By the weekend they were used to the layout and back to running wild. In the old house we only needed to gate 2 places to . . . → Read More: Making Adjustments

The Happiest Room in the House


I walked into Juliana’s room the morning it was finished and my mood instantly improved – the room is welcoming and makes me smile whenever I walk through the door.  When we bought the house, the room was a typical boring square bedroom.

We knew that we wanted to make Juliana’s room special and . . . → Read More: The Happiest Room in the House

A Big House to Explore and They are Hanging Out on the Kitchen Floor


Busy and Making Some Progress


We have been busy getting ready to move, packing and working on the new house.  Scott has worked many hours in the past few weeks – stripping wall paper, prepping walls to paint, cutting trim, tearing apart the kid’s bathroom, and finally starting some finish work in the past few days.

The entire upstairs . . . → Read More: Busy and Making Some Progress