First Night Away from Each Other


When Juliana was 2, she would occasionally spend the night at my parent’s house. She enjoyed it and it was a nice break for me. Juliana turned 3 while I was in my first trimester with the boys and I was sick and exhausted all of the time. She started to stay there almost . . . → Read More: First Night Away from Each Other

They Even Went TownTown – Ruslan and Wyatt’s Summer Break


Each summer our childcare program is closed for a few days at the end of the school year and for a few days before school begins again. It involves some juggling and this week my mom took 3 days off to spend with the boys.

Monday we spent 3-1/2 hours at Kennywood; it was . . . → Read More: They Even Went TownTown – Ruslan and Wyatt’s Summer Break

The Boy Who Loves Other People’s Shoes


Ruslan will wear anyone’s shoes. If they are left unattended he will put them on. Juliana has a habit of leaving shoes all over the house so he has the easiest access to those.

He was very excited to try on these bright pink shoes this weekend (who can blame him, they are very . . . → Read More: The Boy Who Loves Other People’s Shoes

Presque Isle – Beach #6


My parents have been married for a long time – 41 years. They met during the summer of 1967 when they were both 16 at Presque Isle Beach #6 on Lake Erie. I was surprised when my mom recommended that we take the kids to the beach to play Friday afternoon and as we . . . → Read More: Presque Isle – Beach #6

Reading Books


The boys LOVE to read books.  By 10 am on Saturday or Sunday morning, I often hear myself saying – no more books right now, let’s play with some toys.  I can only read the same books so many times in one day.  So I am so happy when Scott is home and takes a . . . → Read More: Reading Books

Random Juliana


Juliana has 2 volume levels when she talks – loud and louder.  On Father’s Day we made sweet rolls and took one upstairs to Scott.  She tip-toed up the stairs, set the plate down on the bed side table, walked to the other side of the room and yelled –  Happy Father’s Day! really . . . → Read More: Random Juliana

A Different Salon Experience

Juliana decided that her work bench and tools are now a salon – a full-service salon for hair and nails.  She welcomed my mom as her first customer this week and I was happy to be watching instead of participating.

First Juliana used the power saw to “cut” her hair and the hand saw . . . → Read More: A Different Salon Experience

Waiting for Nonni

Juliana loves to watch out the window and run to the front door when someone is coming to visit. She was waiting for Nonni on Thursday and I decided that she would be more patient with a seat, snack and drink to keep her . . . → Read More: Waiting for Nonni