Patience at Age Five


It was finally Ruslan’s turn for a Mommy day and he was excited to go to the Pirates game with me. There would be undivided attention from me, the promise of a treat, and he would get to run the bases after the game.

We arrived early enough for him to run through the . . . → Read More: Patience at Age Five

It’s a Good Year to Be a Pirates Fan


Wyatt has been interested in the Pirates all summer and he wears his Pirates baseball hat constantly. I often find that hat in bed with him at night. Once he found out we were going to a game in August, he asked every day when we were going and if he would wear his . . . → Read More: It’s a Good Year to Be a Pirates Fan

Disney, Dancing, Dragons and Drama


I will start out with the drama for those of you looking for an update on Scott. Scott was in a car accident last weekend and has a concussion. He hasn’t been able to drive or work since then and has spent most of the past week resting is a dark room. He is improving . . . → Read More: Disney, Dancing, Dragons and Drama

Where Do You Go to See a Unicorn?

When Scott suggested that we go to the Renaissance Festival, I wasn’t sure that the kids would enjoy it. Then we found out that last weekend was Military weekend and we all got in for the cost of one adult, so at least it was a low investment. Last Sunday was a beautiful day . . . → Read More: Where Do You Go to See a Unicorn?