Two Thumbs Up for Spring


The last few months can be summarized in two words: cold and snow. That means that I have pictures like this one from a March snow day with the children attached to their kindles because it was too cold to play outside.

And when it was warm enough to play outside, it meant . . . → Read More: Two Thumbs Up for Spring

Do You Want to Hand Craft an Artisanal Snowman


We already had 8 inches of snow in our yard and then added a few more inches yesterday. Once the snow stopped, the temperature climbed and it was warm enough for the children to play outside for a long time without getting cold – run wild, dig, roll around, and build.

Ruslan was much more . . . → Read More: Do You Want to Hand Craft an Artisanal Snowman

We Pet an Elephant and Other Outside Fun


The winter has been long and last weekend we had a glimpse of spring – a few days of sunshine and warm temperatures. My kids need outside time and in the winter they are stuck inside too much. Once spring arrives they will spend hours each day outside. Until then I planned to make . . . → Read More: We Pet an Elephant and Other Outside Fun

Saturday in Pictures


Mother’s Day was a quiet day spent at home. It was raining so the kids spent the day in their pjs. We really needed a day at home after several weekends where we were constantly on the go. Yesterday started with haircuts for all 3 kids followed by playtime at home and naps for the . . . → Read More: Saturday in Pictures

Turn that frown upside down


Yesterday was a no good, very bad day for me. Due to a series of unrelated events I spent a good bit of the day in tears, but that’s not the subject of this post. I woke up feeling sad today and wanted to stay in bed, but I got up and showered and . . . → Read More: Turn that frown upside down

A Weekday Visit to the Pumpkin Farm


We make it the Fall Festival at Schramm’s Farm once each year to pick pumpkins and enjoy some of the other festival events.  In the past we have always gone on a Saturday or Sunday. The month of October is always very busy and I realized we didn’t have a weekend available to make the . . . → Read More: A Weekday Visit to the Pumpkin Farm

Progress at the House


When we bought this house it came with a long list of projects. The previous owners did very little maintenance during the time they owned it and then it sat vacant for 2 years before we purchased it in the spring. We accomplished quite a bit between closing and moving in but there were . . . → Read More: Progress at the House

Ending the Week with a Smile


The last 8 days have been hard and I have continued to work and try to keep life as normal as possible for everyone. Yesterday my body said enough and a bad headache and other miserable feelings put me in bed for the night at 7:30. Today I woke up and decided that I . . . → Read More: Ending the Week with a Smile

Bug Girl


The only place in our house where I have found more than one stink bug is the kids bathroom.  In the fall when they started to show up in people’s houses we would occasionally find one.  Juliana was always watching for them.  If she spotted one, she would start yelling “Stink Bug Alert” and demand . . . → Read More: Bug Girl

Spring Fever


Those 2 days of warm weather…oh how I miss them already.  Short-sleeves, driving with the sunroof open, playing outside in the sunshine, very tired children at bedtime…spring, please hurry up and get here.

When we picked up the kids at childcare on Thursday, all 3 were outside playing.  We walked home and they played outside . . . → Read More: Spring Fever