Fun in the Snow


I have learned my lesson about snow gear and next year I will buy everything we need for the winter in September when the stuff is first out on the shelves.  Juliana is wearing her snow pants from last year again this year and all 3 of them are still wearing their coats from . . . → Read More: Fun in the Snow

Boys Night Out


I am a stickler for bedtime, operating under the theory that routine mkaes a difference when it comes to children falling asleep on their own and sleeping all night.  In my 4.5+ years of mommy experience the consistant bedtime has worked and Juliana has always slept in her own room.  So I see no . . . → Read More: Boys Night Out

Perfect Day for the Park


Today was one of those perfect spring days – sunshine, blue skies and not too hot.  I took a late lunch break today and we went to the park.  Since the boys were only a few months old at the end of last summer, this was their first trip to the park that they . . . → Read More: Perfect Day for the Park

The Outside World Can Be a Dirty Place

Crawling around outside can lead to dirty knees…and feet…and toes…and of course dirty . . . → Read More: The Outside World Can Be a Dirty Place

Splash! Splash!

We bought a water table for the boys for their birthday and we finally have a nice weekend to enjoy it.  Yesterday we assembled the pieces, filled it with water and dressed Ruslan and Wyatt in their bathing suits.

Wyatt immediately started spashing in the water while Ruslan focused on all of the new . . . → Read More: Splash! Splash!

Sunny Days Make Me Smile

No matter what else is going on – a warm, sunny day makes everything a little brighter.  Cold, dark and rainy days only motivate me to want to crawl back into bad.  I may not want to work when the sun is shining, but at least I am a little bit happier in the . . . → Read More: Sunny Days Make Me Smile

Welcome Spring

The arrival of spring brightened the moods of everyone in Pittsburgh and Juliana is especially happy to be able to run outside without a coat.

She is happy to share her swingset with the boys as long as she occasionally gets a . . . → Read More: Welcome Spring

Outside with the Boys

Wyatt loves being outside and when he is in the house somtimes he sits and stares out the window.  He will happily sit in the grass and look around.  Ruslan does not like being outside or at least he doesn’t like being put down outside – the second he is set down on the . . . → Read More: Outside with the Boys

The New Bike

When Scott and I were out for our anniversary, we went to dinner and did some shopping. Our last stop was Target (are you thinking, seriously Target on your anniversary date…just remember I don’t get to leave the house without children very often, so this shopping time was a luxury). Juliana had outgrown her . . . → Read More: The New Bike

Enjoying Summer

Juliana spent some time out of the sandbox on Saturday to swim. This is her 3rd summer using the sprinkle pool and she still loves it. (Photo credit: G-Daddy . . . → Read More: Enjoying Summer