Christmas Penguin PJs – 2014 Family Edition


Continuing our tradition of special pjs for Christmas morning, there were new pjs again this year. When I found the perfect penguin pjs for Juliana I was thrilled and ordered 3 sets. Then I noticed that there was an adult version as well so I added that to my shopping cart. I was about . . . → Read More: Christmas Penguin PJs – 2014 Family Edition

On the One Month Anniversary of Christmas


On the One Month Anniversary of Christmas, I finally found time to write about Christmas.

Between Thanksgiving and vacation and business travel we got a late start on Christmas decorating. Eventually the tree was up and then the train and the Christmas village joined a week later. The kids spent hours rearranging thing and . . . → Read More: On the One Month Anniversary of Christmas

Many Years of Christmas PJs


When my friend Jenna wrote about Christmas jammies and posted pictures of her boys through the years, I made a note to pull pictures of my kids. Each year I track down Christmas pajamas for the kids and my first preference is always penguins – this year I bought the same pjs for Juliana . . . → Read More: Many Years of Christmas PJs

Christmas 2011


I double-checked to make sure Juliana was asleep before I started to carry all of the presents down the stairs. I placed all of the presents from Mommy and Daddy under the tree. Then I filled the stockings and arranged the Santa piles along the wall. I was so excited for the morning I had . . . → Read More: Christmas 2011

When You Have a Big Sister


Juliana has always been a girly girl. She prefers princesses and dress-up to cars and blocks. When we bought trucks for her at age two, they became princess vehicles. She would fill the front loader with princesses, tip them into the dump truck and then push them around the room (we called this game . . . → Read More: When You Have a Big Sister

Christmas Morning


I was so excited for Christmas morning this year!  At 5 Juliana knows what to expect and I love the look on her face when she walks into the living room each year.  This year was more dramatic then previous years.  We usually have presents piled under the tree, but we had everything hidden . . . → Read More: Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas

We have had a great Christmas Holiday, I hope that your family did as well!  Here’s Juliana, Ruslan and Wyatt in their Christmas pjs this morning.

And here are the pictures we included on our Christmas card this year.

Merry . . . → Read More: Merry Christmas


How can my little girl be big enough to button her shirt all by . . . → Read More: Buttons

The Cow PJs

We haven’t had the hottest summer in Pittsburgh, but I also wouldn’t call it cold. Starting early in the summer, Juliana insisted that she needed to wear warm pjs at night – mommy, I need to wear long pants, long-sleeves, fleece pjs. When we boxed up her winter clothes, we left 2 fleece pj . . . → Read More: The Cow PJs