Laughing Babies


On the short drive to my in-laws house on Saturday, Ruslan and Wyatt were laughing away in the van.  We had no idea why they were laughing, we just stayed quiet and enjoyed the sound…and I hit record on my phone.  When we arrived, we found out that they were playing peek-a-boo with each . . . → Read More: Laughing Babies

Empty the Basket


A current favorite game is playing empty the clean clothes out of the laundry basket.  I do a lot of laundry and most of the time there is a basket or two of clothes waiting to be folded and put away.  And usually I just leave Ruslan and Wyatt’s clothes in the living room . . . → Read More: Empty the Basket

Big Sister

As the boys have become more mobile Juliana is more interested in playing with them and sharing their toys. She wants to know what they are doing as soon as she wakes up in the morning and Ruslan and Wyatt are always excited to see her.

Juliana is quick to tell me when they . . . → Read More: Big Sister

Let’s Play

The boys are spending more time playing – alone with their toys, together with each other and they love when big sister decides to entertain them for a few minutes – their loudest laughs are heard when Juliana is playing with them.  They have also reached the age where playing peak-a-boo is hysterical fun.  . . . → Read More: Let’s Play

All Played Out

Apparently playing in the tunnel is very tiring.

Quiet Playtime

Juliana was so wild Sunday morning, no activity was holding her attention for more than a few minutes – so I asked her if she wanted to use her paints and stamps – that is an activity guaranteed to keep her sitting quietly and occupied for about half an hour. I was sitting no . . . → Read More: Quiet Playtime

Counting Animals

Juliana was quietly playing this morning before I took her to daycare and then I heard her counting. I looked over and she had lined up all of the zoo animals in a long row and was counting them – there are26 animals and she made it halfway through with the correct numbers and . . . → Read More: Counting Animals


One of Juliana’s most used Christmas presents has turned out to be the Little Tikes cleaning set – she loves to sweep with the broom and then empty the dustpan into the waste basket. She even did some dust mopping on Christmas day.

. . . → Read More: Cleaning


A new quiet activity – her current favorite thing to do is just remove the play-doh from the container and then put it back in the container and put the lid back on and then say “open” start all over again. Open is a word that we are hearing a lot from her. The . . . → Read More: Play-Doh