Recently the boys have been more double trouble than double the fun. When they are together, they are loud and wild and get each other more and more wound up until someone gets hurt. Yesterday the boys were playing loudly in their room when Ruslan started to cry. I went upstairs and Ruslan told . . . → Read More: Teamwork

Summer is Off to a Good Start


The boys finished preschool almost two weeks ago and Juliana is hours away from finishing second grade and we have already jumped right in to summer fun!

The boys spent a day with my Dad on an adventure which included a new playground (new playground, aka playground they have never been to, is the best!)

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Ruslan and Wyatt 4.0


The boys have had their well visits at the same time since the first appointment when they were 7 days old. 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36 months old – 12 well visits together.

Our pediatrician shifted the pre-K appointment to age 4 and it is a double-appointment with . . . → Read More: Ruslan and Wyatt 4.0

November Weekends

We’ve had an incredible stretch of November weather. That weather was incremental in a big backyard project being accomplished (more on that soon) and lots of playing outside. I have one goal for trips to parks and playgrounds – make the kids use as much energy as possible. Sure I want them to have . . . → Read More: November Weekends

Photography – Making Progress on One of My Goals


I already take a lot of pictures and this is my 4th year of a 365 project. One of my goals for this year was to improve my photography and when January started I didn’t have a plan. Then my friend Michelle started to offer a class “Getting Started with Your DSLR“. I signed . . . → Read More: Photography – Making Progress on One of My Goals

The Flying Princess


It was so beautiful yesterday that we had no other choice than to pick up the boys early and head to the park. As we ran out the door, I didn’t even notice the crown.

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I Chose Wisely and Had Fun Too


As a mother I make choices every day that affect my children.

Should I fold the laundry or read to the kids? Put them in front of the TV so I can have some quiet time or build towers and play games with them? Stay inside and get stuff done or go outside and play? . . . → Read More: I Chose Wisely and Had Fun Too

Yesterday at the Park


Juliana made it across the monkey bars all by herself! And then did it again and again!

She practiced pumping her legs on the swings.

The boys finally figured out that it’s ok to hang out on the swings for a long time instead of swinging for 3 minutes, playing on . . . → Read More: Yesterday at the Park

Summer Fun


Playgrounds, running around outside, playing in the pool…summer weekends. An hour or two of playing in the pool and water table and the boys will nap for hours in the afternoon – that is a good day.





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23 Months


The boys are 23 months old today and I have no idea where the last year has gone. Earlier this month someone asked me how old they were and after a moment I replied, “they will be 2 next month”. As soon as the words left my mouth, I thought that can’t be right. . . . → Read More: 23 Months