Little Island


The boys have reverted back to two naps per day while on vacation.  The wild running around, excitement, new activities, and later bedtime have made the mornings too difficult.  They are up between 6:30 and 7:00 each morning (no sleeping in for the mom).  My mom has gotten up with us each morning and . . . → Read More: Little Island

Boys Night Out


I am a stickler for bedtime, operating under the theory that routine mkaes a difference when it comes to children falling asleep on their own and sleeping all night.  In my 4.5+ years of mommy experience the consistant bedtime has worked and Juliana has always slept in her own room.  So I see no . . . → Read More: Boys Night Out

Perfect Day for the Park


Today was one of those perfect spring days – sunshine, blue skies and not too hot.  I took a late lunch break today and we went to the park.  Since the boys were only a few months old at the end of last summer, this was their first trip to the park that they . . . → Read More: Perfect Day for the Park

Learning to Help

Juliana has suddenly started to be more helpful – great timing! As we are sorting out the boxes of kitchen stuff and finding a home for everything, we are taking advantage of that by storing all of her snacks, drinks, cups, etc. in drawers and shelves that she can reach. She noticed that the . . . → Read More: Learning to Help


We went to a birthday party at a wonderful playground (unfortunately it is all the way in the South Hills, so not convenient to visit often). Juliana was running from swings to slides to climbing areas and back to swings – she would have happily stayed there much longer.

. . . → Read More: Playground