Parking the Cars

You can often find Ruslan quietly playing with the small cars – driving them across any flat surface including walls, tables, floors and window sills. After dinner tonight Ruslan disappeared into the playroom and started to collect cars and park them on the window sill. He was sitting on the table with a pile . . . → Read More: Parking the Cars

Busy and Making Some Progress


We have been busy getting ready to move, packing and working on the new house.  Scott has worked many hours in the past few weeks – stripping wall paper, prepping walls to paint, cutting trim, tearing apart the kid’s bathroom, and finally starting some finish work in the past few days.

The entire upstairs . . . → Read More: Busy and Making Some Progress

The Best Thing About the New House


There are a lot of reasons that we are buying a new house.  One of the things I am most looking forward to is the playroom – a room just for toys and wild children – yes, please!

I have the furniture and placement planned for most of the rooms.  One day Scott was . . . → Read More: The Best Thing About the New House