Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are playing


When I was pregnant with the boys everyone told me after the first year (which would be hard – hard is an understatement), that having twins was easier than having one child because they have a constant playmate available.  That made a lot of sense since at the time Juliana was 3 and constantly . . . → Read More: Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are playing

11 Months Old

Even though they will be 12 months next week, this post reflects their activities at 11 months.

Month 11 was the month of mobility and exploring lots of finger foods.  They are a bit like puppies, crawling all over the place, chewing on everything, and making lots of noise.  Sometimes they travel as a . . . → Read More: 11 Months Old

Weathering The Storm

Life goes on for the boys in this snow filled day.  Ruslan has a new favorite face that I half caught in this picture – the super cute fish face – and sometimes that fish face ends with a kiss

Wyatt has joined the backwards crawling fun, but he prefers to be standing . . . → Read More: Weathering The Storm

The Past Few Weeks

Juliana has been spending her weekdays at school and we have been doing our best to entertain her during the other times. She is still adjusting to life with the boys in our home, wanting lots of extra attention, etc.Her present from the boys when they were born was a Leapster and it has . . . → Read More: The Past Few Weeks