Wyatt and the Pool Shark

Wyatt took a few days to get used to the pool. He only wanted to be in the water if I was holding him and only for a few minutes. He gets cold very easily and his teeth would start chattering and his body shaking and soon he would be curled up in a . . . → Read More: Wyatt and the Pool Shark

Summer – Now with More Water


When the kids were having so much fun in the water Saturday afternoon, I jokingly told Scott we should get a pool for our house and he nodded his head. When we got home I was busy with baths and and getting the kids in bed and Scott was measuring the patio in our . . . → Read More: Summer – Now with More Water

Enjoying Summer

Juliana spent some time out of the sandbox on Saturday to swim. This is her 3rd summer using the sprinkle pool and she still loves it. (Photo credit: G-Daddy . . . → Read More: Enjoying Summer

Stacking Rings

The final installment in the stacking series…when you are done stacking, you should end with a celebratory “TA-DA!!”

. . . → Read More: Stacking Rings