Traditional Christmas with a Lot of Star Wars


I was really looking forward to Christmas this year. Juliana is heading into the pre-teen years and I know our years of wrapping lots of fun toys are numbered and soon the only present options will be electronics and gift cards. It was also a year of Star Wars presents.

My brother and sister-in-law . . . → Read More: Traditional Christmas with a Lot of Star Wars

April Celebrations


During the awful, never-ending winter, I keep my eyes on the first week of April and our planned vacation. We were promised warmth and a much needed break. But as excited as I was, I was also dreading the craziness that April would bring.

My philosophy on birthday parties for the kids is simple – . . . → Read More: April Celebrations

On the One Month Anniversary of Christmas


On the One Month Anniversary of Christmas, I finally found time to write about Christmas.

Between Thanksgiving and vacation and business travel we got a late start on Christmas decorating. Eventually the tree was up and then the train and the Christmas village joined a week later. The kids spent hours rearranging thing and . . . → Read More: On the One Month Anniversary of Christmas

My Little Drummer Boy

From the time Wyatt knew he could make Christmas requests this year, he remained consistent – I want Conga Lessons. Occasionally he would add another instrument to the list – I want bongos and a guitar or I want bongos and a trumpet, but always the bongos. Leading up to Christmas everything in our house . . . → Read More: My Little Drummer Boy

Our Merry Christmas


Last Sunday we watched the Steelers game at our house and the boys had so much fun running wild with my brother. Uncle Nick is one of Wyatt’s favorite playmates. Every time Nick sat down, Wyatt found a place near him. Wyatt makes the most of our short visits with Nick.

In the . . . → Read More: Our Merry Christmas

Christmas 2011


I double-checked to make sure Juliana was asleep before I started to carry all of the presents down the stairs. I placed all of the presents from Mommy and Daddy under the tree. Then I filled the stockings and arranged the Santa piles along the wall. I was so excited for the morning I had . . . → Read More: Christmas 2011

Santa Delivered


Yes it’s 2012 and I am still talking about Christmas. I got a much needed new computer for Christmas which is awesome! Last week was filled with kids home and one that was sick, a sleepover at our house for Juliana and one of her friends, trying to organize new toys, family visiting, and a . . . → Read More: Santa Delivered

Christmas Morning


I was so excited for Christmas morning this year!  At 5 Juliana knows what to expect and I love the look on her face when she walks into the living room each year.  This year was more dramatic then previous years.  We usually have presents piled under the tree, but we had everything hidden . . . → Read More: Christmas Morning

Juliana’s 5th Birthday


She has been talking about her birthday for months, so excited to be turning 5. 

Scott and I took cupcakes to school for class snack on her birthday and that night we had cake and she opened her presents from us and her grandparents.  She spent the time before bed playing with the . . . → Read More: Juliana’s 5th Birthday