All Smiles


Wyatt refused to smile for pictures for years – he would stare straight ahead without a glimpse of smile or deliver a straight lipped expression with his eyes pointed anywhere other than the camera. Something changed over the last year and now he smiles and makes eye contact and willingly holds still when I . . . → Read More: All Smiles

Festivals are More Fun with Friends


For the past 3 years we have made a fall date to go to a local farm with friends. These 3 have posed for silly pictures.

 Went on hay rides.

 Ran through the corn maze.

 And climbed on the old truck.

This year I brought the boys along for the fun and we managed . . . → Read More: Festivals are More Fun with Friends

And Then The Work Life Balance Went Kabloey


Juliana recently had a writing assignment that involved writing a nonfiction story. So basically she could write about anything that recently happened. I suggested she write about our recent trip to the pumpkin farm and several other fun things we had done in recent weeks.  She went off to write and handed me the story . . . → Read More: And Then The Work Life Balance Went Kabloey

Hay Fight

If Juliana is near a hay bale she can’t help herself. She will start to pick pieces of it apart and toss it at someone nearby. Give her a pile of hay that is meant to be touched and tossed around…well you can imagine what might happen. We went to a pumpkin farm with . . . → Read More: Hay Fight

Autumn Adventures


The weather was so pretty while we were at the park last weekend and the kids were all happy, so I thought I would take a few quick pictures of the kids together. They agreed to sit in some leaves and this is what I got. Not quite the happy group I was hoping . . . → Read More: Autumn Adventures

A Weekday Visit to the Pumpkin Farm


We make it the Fall Festival at Schramm’s Farm once each year to pick pumpkins and enjoy some of the other festival events.  In the past we have always gone on a Saturday or Sunday. The month of October is always very busy and I realized we didn’t have a weekend available to make the . . . → Read More: A Weekday Visit to the Pumpkin Farm

A (not so perfect) Day at the Pumpkin Farm


We went to the pumpkin farm a few weeks ago.  I had made plans with friends to meet there, I even picked the time and location…and then our day didn’t go quite as planned.  Something came up last minute which delayed the boy’s napping and getting ready to go.  So we were late, a . . . → Read More: A (not so perfect) Day at the Pumpkin Farm

Juliana is 2

Juliana has wanted to wear her purple birthday dress since we first hung it in the closet – she has asked to wear it almost every day. So she was very excited that today was the day. We took a lot of pictures this morning – many with a pouty or crying birthday girl…here . . . → Read More: Juliana is 2

Saturday Fall Activities

Saturday started with a trip to the Pumpkin Farm in the morning and then it was home for a nap (just Juliana – mommy had to put her new table and chairs together). Then we went to Nat’s house for the annual meadow party – the meadow party of 2003 is when Scott and . . . → Read More: Saturday Fall Activities