One More Ride


It was the second weekend in September and I looked at the calendar and realized that the next day was the last day of the year the rides were open at Kennywood. So we made quick plans and decided to go.

Last summer, both Juliana and I had flexible schedules and we made it to . . . → Read More: One More Ride



We didn’t go on a big family vacation this summer – Scott was still recovering from his concussion at the beginning on the summer and then Wyatt had surgery at the beginning of August. So we scheduled a mini-vacation for the end of July – the week after Juliana’s last big specialty camp of . . . → Read More: Mini-Vacation

Who is this Big Kid


This is Juliana on her first trip to Kennywood – she was 10 months old. Those 2 little teeth, they are gone and have been replaced by big teeth.

She spent most of the day riding around in her stroller enthralled with the sounds and activity all around her. She only went on . . . → Read More: Who is this Big Kid

Kennywood – What a Difference a Few Inches Makes


The past 2 summers have been a bit difficult for us at Kennywood.  Juliana was in between rides – the kiddie land rides were too slow and not exciting enough and she wasn’t tall enough for many of the larger rides.  We spent all of our time going on the same rides over and . . . → Read More: Kennywood – What a Difference a Few Inches Makes

Ruslan and Wyatt – Chuck E Cheese


I thought the boys would be overwhelmed by the noise and the kids running everywhere and the flashing lights…no, they were intrigued and jumped right in.  They started out on the Merry-Go-Round and I think Wyatt would have been happy to stay there all day.  He kicked and screamed whenever we took him off . . . → Read More: Ruslan and Wyatt – Chuck E Cheese



I didn’t take my camera to Kennywood with us for 2 reasons: I was planning to go on big rides and my dad was with us to take pictures.  We planned well and took both sets of Grandparents with us and we met friends who have a child Juliana’s age.  At one point Juliana . . . → Read More: Kennywood

Kennywood – Back to Kiddieland


With Juliana’s love of the “big kid rides” we haven’t spent too much time in Kiddieland the past 2 years.  That changed when we took the boys this week.  It was the first time that they were able to go on the rides.  It was not their first trip to Kennywood however the only . . . → Read More: Kennywood – Back to Kiddieland

Disney Day #5

Tuesday was also my friend Sarah’s birthday and we spent the day at Epcot.  Our first stop was getting a FastPass for Soarin’ so we could come back later and not have to wait in line.  Juliana was started to get nervous about new rides so we didn’t want to wait in line and . . . → Read More: Disney Day #5

And Finally – the Big Whip

Another big kid ride and a favorite as well. She rode twice, once with Mommy and then again with Daddy as the last ride before leaving the Park for the night. When she went on with me earlier that afternoon, we were saying, “1-2-3-GOOOO!” as it was about to make the whip at each . . . → Read More: And Finally – the Big Whip

More Kennywood – Jack Rabbit and Kiddie Land

Juliana is tall enough to ride the Jack Rabbit this year. We have been talking about riding on the bit roller coaster for weeks and she was very excited to go on it. She waited in the long line and hopped on the ride with Mommy. We buckled up and down the first hill. . . . → Read More: More Kennywood – Jack Rabbit and Kiddie Land