When Bouncing Baby Boys Get BIG

Moving, bouncing, rolling, pushing, kicking…these are all words that I would use to describe my busy boys since before the day that they were born. I never had to sit and count movements when I was pregnant because it was rare that they stopped moving. With two of them in there I could feel and see . . . → Read More: When Bouncing Baby Boys Get BIG

Toddler Trouble in the Tub with Twins


When bath time started tonight we were ahead of schedule and they were so happy – splashing and playing nice.  I decided to grab the camera and get some new close-up pictures (easiest to do when they are relatively trapped).

As soon as I picked up the camera, these are the faces I got . . . → Read More: Toddler Trouble in the Tub with Twins

Return of Bucket Baby

If you asked my mom to list her favorite pictures of Juliana as a baby – this one would be near the top of her list.

The set of buckets recently came out of storage for the boys to play with and after lunch today I decided to try and capture some pictures of the . . . → Read More: Return of Bucket Baby

Toy Fight

Sharing is a difficult concept at this age.  They see a toy they want and take it.  Usually whatever toy Wyatt has, Ruslan wants it and vice versa.  Since Wyatt started crawling, apparently he has been busy using his new skill to take toys away from the other babies.

On this occasion, Wyatt was . . . → Read More: Toy Fight