If I Need to Run


If I need to run (and all of the food and wine says yes), then running on the top deck of the ship as the sun sets on our amazing day in Belize, is the best way to do it.

Fake Spring

After many weeks of below freezing temperatures we had a brief reprieve. One of the days was actually warm – spring jacket warm. Our driveway was still covered in ice and snow and our street was narrowed by the snow piled along the sides. So I packed the van with an assortment of riding . . . → Read More: Fake Spring

November Weekends

We’ve had an incredible stretch of November weather. That weather was incremental in a big backyard project being accomplished (more on that soon) and lots of playing outside. I have one goal for trips to parks and playgrounds – make the kids use as much energy as possible. Sure I want them to have . . . → Read More: November Weekends

7 Quick Takes: Rock-a-Bye Boom Boom and More


Lifting the 7 Quick Takes concept from Jennifer at Jayesel – 7 quick things that have happened recently.


Juliana is fascinated by the fact that I have a science degree and therefore I am a scientist. Not just any scientist, the most brilliant scientist in the world. On a regular basis she asks about my . . . → Read More: 7 Quick Takes: Rock-a-Bye Boom Boom and More

Broken Band-Aids and Other Nonsense


Twice in the past week I have rushed up the stairs to hysterical screaming from the boys’ room. Upon opening the door I was greeted with tears and sadness and cries of my band-aid is broken. Band-Aids don’t break on their own, they “break” when little boys remove them from their body and stick . . . → Read More: Broken Band-Aids and Other Nonsense

The Hiding Game


The boys like it when you hide from them and jump out. Well, actually they like it when they know where you are and they can see you sort of hidden and then you jump out and “surprise” them. This game often takes place in the evening after dinner. Someone hides at the top . . . → Read More: The Hiding Game

Hands Free Football


This picture may be worth a thousand words, but it is leaving me speechless. What? Why? It was just as confusing when he was running toward me in the front yard this evening.


Monday Ru Update


It was a long weekend for Ru – he was generally sad and not his usual busy self. He wanted my mom or I to hold him most of the time and was happiest when we carried him on a walk down the street. He constantly asked to go outside and even though he is heavy to . . . → Read More: Monday Ru Update

Last Week of Preschool

Last week was the final week of preschool for the year. She will be spending the summer at the school’s childcare program and back for 4-yr preschool in the fall.

In the last few days, they went on a field trip to the zoo – she was so excited in her purple and pink, . . . → Read More: Last Week of Preschool


We went to a birthday party at a wonderful playground (unfortunately it is all the way in the South Hills, so not convenient to visit often). Juliana was running from swings to slides to climbing areas and back to swings – she would have happily stayed there much longer.

. . . → Read More: Playground