A Different Salon Experience

Juliana decided that her work bench and tools are now a salon – a full-service salon for hair and nails.  She welcomed my mom as her first customer this week and I was happy to be watching instead of participating.

First Juliana used the power saw to “cut” her hair and the hand saw . . . → Read More: A Different Salon Experience

Juliana and Ruslan

Early on it was clear that Wyatt was Juliana’s favorite brother.  She told me that Ruslan was my baby and Wyatt was her baby.  Recently she is just as interested in . . . → Read More: Juliana and Ruslan

And Sometimes She Helps Out

One evening last week, I was about to give the boys a bath and Juliana announced that she wanted to help. I wondered if she would actually be a help, but decided it was a good idea to involve her. She ran to get the bathtub and bring it into the kitchen and then . . . → Read More: And Sometimes She Helps Out

Juliana and Ruslan

Now that the boys are more interactive, Juliana enjoys playing with them. She gets so excited when she smiles at one of them and they smile back. Ruslan is much quicker to smile and laugh than Wyatt (he has to stare at you for a few minutes first) and Juliana loves that when . . . → Read More: Juliana and Ruslan

Want More Pictures?

Do you have a toddler/preschooler who is no longer happy to participate in photo shoots, or simply turns away when the camera comes out because she has had her pictures taken thousands of times in her short life? Here’s how to fix it – have another baby. Now whenever I am taking pictures of . . . → Read More: Want More Pictures?

The Big Sister

Juliana met her brothers Tuesday afternoon. She was very excited to see them and hold them. She climbed right up to get a good look and then sat down ready to hold them. As soon as Wyatt started to cry, she tried to push him away, saying “Daddy take Him!” Later she had a . . . → Read More: The Big Sister