Santa and Our Annual Christmas Card

We went to see Santa at our local mall this past weekend. When I told Juliana that we were going to see Santa, she told me that she was too old to have her picture taken with Santa. However, when it was time to leave for the mall, she had changed into a pretty . . . → Read More: Santa and Our Annual Christmas Card

Holiday Traditions


This weekend we checked off some of our normal Christmas week traditions. We went to the Mall to see Santa – the same Santa as previous years but they moved to a new section of the mall so the backdrop is different than our previous pictures. The kids were still dressed up from their . . . → Read More: Holiday Traditions

Ready Or Not – Christmas is Coming


I feel so unprepared for Christmas this year. The month of December went by in a blink. Thanksgiving came and went and then we went to Disney World. Scott had National Guard the weekend after vacation and then I left for a business trip on Monday. By the time I returned December was half . . . → Read More: Ready Or Not – Christmas is Coming

It Must Be Santa


We made our annual trek to the mall to see Santa today. Wyatt has been telling me for weeks that he would not cry, while Ruslan told me he doesn’t like Santa and did not want to go. Let’s take a moment to revisit the past 2 years of Santa pictures…I love the 2010 . . . → Read More: It Must Be Santa

Santa Delivered


Yes it’s 2012 and I am still talking about Christmas. I got a much needed new computer for Christmas which is awesome! Last week was filled with kids home and one that was sick, a sleepover at our house for Juliana and one of her friends, trying to organize new toys, family visiting, and a . . . → Read More: Santa Delivered

Santa and the Weasels


I have been talking to the boys about visiting Santa for the past week. I showed them the picture from last year so they could understand that they would actually sit with him and that it was a real person. A few days later I asked Wyatt if we were going to see Santa . . . → Read More: Santa and the Weasels

Memories of Santa and Magic Mountain


When I take the kids to Santa each year, I am always disappointed. Not by the pictures of my screaming children, but the whole atmosphere never seems festive enough for me. I have these amazing memories of going to see Santa when I was little. Santa wasn’t sitting on a silly stage, there was . . . → Read More: Memories of Santa and Magic Mountain

The Classic Santa Photo


I can’t imagine any other circumstance where I would pay money for this photo.  Both boys freaked out as soon as we walked toward Santa.

After the drama, we all went on the Merry-Go-Round.  Wyatt and Juliana went on horses and Wyatt was fascinated with the lights and colors above him.

Ruslan . . . → Read More: The Classic Santa Photo

Daycare Christmas Party

We had the Christmas party at Juliana’s daycare on Friday. Juliana was more interested in sitting with us than the rest of the toddlers, but she did manage to sit with Santa. She had fun with her friends and enjoyed her pizza at . . . → Read More: Daycare Christmas Party