Brothers Stick Together


Ruslan and Wyatt are complete best friends. Given a choice they will spend every waking moment together – playing nicely, chasing each other, fighting over toys, snuggling to watch a movie together. We attended a Build-A-Bear workshop birthday party last week and all of the children were sitting in a circle together. The party coordinator . . . → Read More: Brothers Stick Together

The Reading Queen


Juliana’s school uses a reading system based on 15-minute reading steps and each student is required to complete 15 steps each week. Every 25 hours of reading = 100 steps and they receive a new folder for their reading logs every 100 steps.

In first grade Juliana was the top reader in her class. . . . → Read More: The Reading Queen

First Grade and the Super Star Reader


Juliana starts second grade one week from today so it’s time to wrap-up first grade.

I loved everything about Juliana’s first grade year – her teacher, her classmates, how much she grew this past year. First grade is the first year of school with tests and letter grades and expectations that they will be able to . . . → Read More: First Grade and the Super Star Reader

Wyatt’s First Day of Preschool


Tuesday was Wyatt’s first day of preschool! Last week and over the weekend people kept asking him if he was excited about starting preschool. He would nod his head but in typical Wyatt fashion there was no great enthusiasm.

Tuesday morning he didn’t kick and scream when it was time to get dressed and . . . → Read More: Wyatt’s First Day of Preschool

We Talked About Something Sad At School Today


There was a lot of talk on twitter last night about whether or not mothers were telling their children about Friday’s school shooting. Should all school children be told before they go to school Monday morning? Would they hear about it on the bus or at school? What would they hear?

I chose not to . . . → Read More: We Talked About Something Sad At School Today

Bite Size Jello Jigglers


The boys are still in the older toddler room at childcare (I am hopeful they will move up to preschool someday). A few weeks ago they started “Taste it Tuesday” and asked each parent to volunteer to bring their child’s favorite snack for everyone to try. I immediately signed up for the week of . . . → Read More: Bite Size Jello Jigglers

First Grade – 6 Weeks


It’s been 6 weeks since Juliana started first grade; I’m not sure how the weeks have passed so quickly. We met her teacher Ms C the week before school started and Juliana immediately felt better about first grade. Juliana even drew a picture of her and Ms C on the cover of her “All . . . → Read More: First Grade – 6 Weeks

The Boys are Never Going to Preschool


Juliana started preschool a month before she turned 3 – she was fully potty trained, she was bored in the toddler room and she was very ready for the preschool environment. When Ruslan and Wyatt turned 3 in the spring, I was happy that their birthday was early in the year. In my opinion, . . . → Read More: The Boys are Never Going to Preschool

Kindergarten – The Fastest 10 Months of My Life


I cried through most of the Kindergarten graduation ceremony – I couldn’t believe that Juliana’s first year of school was over. It went by so quickly and it was such a great year. In fact it was perfect in so many ways. It was almost too good to be true and as the year . . . → Read More: Kindergarten – The Fastest 10 Months of My Life

Time for a New Routine

When we moved last year I had to adjust to driving the kids to preschool/childcare after 3 years of walking. Even though it is a short drive, it still took longer to get everyone in the car and buckled than it had taken to walk. I had to adjust our morning routine to leave . . . → Read More: Time for a New Routine