They Even Went TownTown – Ruslan and Wyatt’s Summer Break


Each summer our childcare program is closed for a few days at the end of the school year and for a few days before school begins again. It involves some juggling and this week my mom took 3 days off to spend with the boys.

Monday we spent 3-1/2 hours at Kennywood; it was . . . → Read More: They Even Went TownTown – Ruslan and Wyatt’s Summer Break

Random Ruslan

Ruslan has the best manners of my children. He almost always remembers to say please and thank you. If he hears anyone in the house sneeze he runs to tell them Bless You.



Up until recently Ruslan had no interest in TV. Why sit still watching TV when he could be climbing, . . . → Read More: Random Ruslan

The Boy Who Loves Other People’s Shoes


Ruslan will wear anyone’s shoes. If they are left unattended he will put them on. Juliana has a habit of leaving shoes all over the house so he has the easiest access to those.

He was very excited to try on these bright pink shoes this weekend (who can blame him, they are very . . . → Read More: The Boy Who Loves Other People’s Shoes

Mornings Are Not My Favorite


Juliana does not enjoy getting up early for school. She is difficult to drag out of bed, she falls over while I get her dressed, and I never know what the drama will be each morning. On the first day of school she went back to sleep on the couch. This morning I got . . . → Read More: Mornings Are Not My Favorite

Crowns, High Heels and Pretty Hair


The boys will happily play with anything that she leaves out, that includes all sorts of princess stuff.  Sometimes Juliana “helps” them accessorize and other times they do it on their own.  Wyatt currently loves wearing a hat and found the Belle crown to be irresistible.

Usually the boys get very upset if . . . → Read More: Crowns, High Heels and Pretty Hair

Back to Preschool with Twinkle Toes


The summer childcare program has come to a close.  Earlier this week, Juliana told me that she didn’t want to go back to school…she wants it to be summer forever.  Alas, it was back to school on Thursday – another year of preschool for Juliana – it will be her 3rd year since she . . . → Read More: Back to Preschool with Twinkle Toes

3rd of July

We go to a 3rd of July party every year at Aunt Natalae’s house. And Juliana always has a festive holiday outfit for the occasion. This year’s ensemble included sparkles, tie-die and glitter coated flip flops! She loved the flip flops and refered to them as her July shoes (short for 4th of July). . . . → Read More: 3rd of July


Juliana dragged her crocs out to wear and instead of a matching pair, she selected one pink and one black – both right shoes as well. She is so into having her clothes, socks, shoes, everything matching these days. But in this situation she was quite happy with 2 right shoes.

. . . → Read More: Crocs

I Do It – Shiny Shoes

Juliana likes to take her shoes off – in the car, in her high chair, in the shopping cart, and when she is sitting on the floor to play with toys – and the socks usually come off as well. But she can put them on herself and she puts each one on the . . . → Read More: I Do It – Shiny Shoes

Juliana is 2

Juliana has wanted to wear her purple birthday dress since we first hung it in the closet – she has asked to wear it almost every day. So she was very excited that today was the day. We took a lot of pictures this morning – many with a pouty or crying birthday girl…here . . . → Read More: Juliana is 2