Why Wear Slippers When You Have Sparkle Shoes

Not Even Daddy’s Shoes are Safe

Nonni’s Shoes

It’s not just mommy’s shoes that Juliana likes to wear – she is eager to remove her shoes if she finds a pair that someone else removed or sees another pair of her shoes.

Mama’s Shoes

We had just walked in the house from work/daycare. I took off my shoes and left them by the door. A few minutes later, Juliana walked in the room with my shoes on over her shoes. She walked all around the room and was so pleased with herself.

At daycare she is constantly being . . . → Read More: Mama’s Shoes

Size 5.5 Shoes

The size 5 shoes are getting snug and size 6 is still too big so we have upgraded to 5-1/2. She has limited options in this size – just tennis shoes, black play shoes and white dress-up shoes.

This weekend she was wearing the tennis shoes which are gray and pink and . . . → Read More: Size 5.5 Shoes